Drawing Ways

Final Indoor League games “abandoned due to rain”

Inspiral carpets

GCC IDC Captain, Johnny Russell, has developed a master plan to ensure Goring don’t end the indoor season having never won a match for the first year ever in the increasingly unpopular format of the game. Looking at the history books Russell was inspired by some of the GCC great captains, and Mickey Goodenough, and has sought a solution to “bringing back the drawing ways at GCC” as he put it. Using a technique he has mastered in his snooker career, featuring in the much publicised draw in his game against Jimmy White, Russell cleverly brought his own “whirlwind” to the table. With some intricate plumbing, Russell initiated a tropical downfall on Table B at The Soashe, with White on for a 100+ break, and Russell already on -14.

“It can work” said an excited Russell, “it just needs to be done on a greater scale. All the facilities are there courtesy of Theale Green School sports changing rooms – we just bring that into the sports hall itself.”

Asked how the actual “turn on” would occur, Russell replied;

“Just as Hedgey comes in for the 15th delivery of his first and last over, he will surprise the batsman by pitching one up in the block hole, forcing a drive from the centurion right into the ‘On’ switch located at the back of the hall. This, quite literally,  starts the showers.”


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jonny Russell on March 17, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    Sadly Hedgey screwed up with the master plan. Despite surprising everyone with a wicket first ball he preceded to bowl 9 untouchable wides / no balls in a row.

    An inglorious end to his indoor career.

    With season figures of 3-1273 of 48 overs, it is fair to say that Stephen Hawkings would have been a more sensible pick as strike bowler.


  2. Posted by Benson Privet on March 18, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    Absolutely right- but you’d still be waiting right now for Professor Hawking to send his his first delivery thundering down like an exocet via the bass from his voicebox. That’s a lot of missed trips to the casino. At least this Hedge character could be relied upon to publicly retire every week, and then be brought back for more masochistic punishment the next. Btw who is this Stephen Hawkings bloke?


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