Skipper Offers Lifeline To Disgraced Pakistani Pair

Goring Bound?

 New GCC Club Captain, Jonny Westcar, has reached out to shamed Pakistan stars Yousuf and Younus to offer a cricketing lifeline. The disgraced pair, having been banned for life from international cricket are being “tapped up” by Westcar to join the cricketing ranks in The ‘Ring as they enter the 2010 season in the Frisbee Navel sponsored league. With the promise of not having to drive or put up the sight screens, Westcar is confident that other attractive factors could bring the pair to the Shires, saying; 

“It’s quite an attractive proposition – Alex Crawford played for Goring for years being driven around like a King at others’ expense – and Studwards, for example, is possibly still unaware of where the sightscreens are actually kept”, said an optimistic Westcar, going on to say, “they’d only have to work one day a week, and who wouldn’t relish a trip to Stratfield Turgis on an overcast Saturday in May?”. 

Both players have been unavailable for comment, but are believed to be considering numerous options, not including this one. 

To stand a chance of securing the duo, Westcar and GCC will need to significantly up their offer
“whilst we can’t quite afford to pay them, we are offering them two 100 club tickets each – one of those being a ticket previously owned by [ex GCC President] Rex Smith – so there’s £20 a month for starters.”, commented feisty wasp-hating Club Treasurer Steve Wincott, “and they can pay student rate match fees….every now and then…for home fixures…that get abandoned due to snow.”


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