GCC Technology Initiative

GCC’s technology gurus, Duncan Kent and Jim Ross, have been charged with assessing the use of technology in the game at Goring. Various data sources were used in their initial review of the market place and new media virtual solutions, these included;

• A detailed search through the pages of Ceefax

• A review of previously available software for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (16k)

• A “computer print out” of the internet and the hard-copy version of Google

• A photo-stat of Colin’s GCC archive from his shed

• Putting 5″ floppy disks into a cassette player

This comprehensive review has enabled these two GCC “techsperts” to devise an impressive plan to bring GCC into the 90’s by embracing the computer age. The initial implementation revolves around replay technology for LBW decisions.

Having seen Hawk-Eye on the TV and how he progressed from M*A*S*H to cricket decision-making software, the sub-committee known as “Geeks CC”, have made an initial proposal following a secret experiment during a game last season.

With the Hawk-Eye technology costs not approved in this year’s GCC budget in favour of new ping pong balls for the 100 Club draw, a similar solution has been computer-programmed by some of the younger GCC Academy players on their mobile phones. Similar to Hawk-Eye, the software attempts to take the historical “Frank-Factor” out of LBW decisions to provide a more consistent, and perhaps even accurate result. The system works via the umpire actually filming the delivery on his phone.

“An inconceivable concept for many, I am sure”, said uber tech-geek Jim Ross, “but most of you will be surprised to learn that nowadays phones are not just used for telephone calls and ‘3 rings’ to your mum to show you got home OK”.


Upon an appeal, the program replays the delivery on the phone from the umpires perspective and adds “computer graphics” (coloured lines and stuff) to judge the actual path the ball was expected to take to ascertain if it were to have hit the stumps had the bastman’s legs not been in the way. This is demonstrated in the successful appeal from Splodges against Graham Nicholson shown in this still taken from the video from one of the President’s Twenty20 game last season.

As a potential money-spinner for the club, the two cyber-warriors have decided to brand and sell this “path-judging” software for the currently untapped amateur cricket umpire decision-making software market, as a cheaper alternative to Hawk-Eye. With a formal, approved roll-out this year in the Frisbee Navel Berkshire LeagueJudging Actual Path Software” hits the shops in late April under the brand name of “JAPS-Eye” for most platforms and will be available on the iPhone as a downloadable “Japplication“.


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  1. It seems that some users are having trouble viewing the site. This is likely to be a browser (or user) issue and you might want to update your version of Internet Explorer or try Firefox, Chrome or Sinclair Basic etc. If that still doesn’t work, our experts, Duncan and Jim, are available as an IT support service .


  2. Posted by Benson Privet on March 18, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    Umpires should beware of leaving this high tech kit lying around willy nilly near the sarnies during the tea break. During beta testing last year there were some unconfirmed reports of sweetcorn filler becoming jammed in the lens apparatus, leading to a malfunction known as “JAPS-Eyetus”.


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