GCC To Claim Pompey’s Nine Points

It is understood that Goring CC has approached Premiership strugglers Portsmouth FC, over claiming the nine points they had deducted yesterday via an innovative cross-sport points transfer system. Forward thinking skipper Jonny Westcar, having failed to secure Yousuf and Younus from Pakistan, is leaving no stone unturned as he prepares for the coming 2010 league season.

“I am serious about cricket at Goring – and this particular option could be a great head start to our season. If I can get Portsmouth to agree to the plan, I am sure the respective leagues will be more accommodating of the approach. Otherwise, these nine points just end up wasted on other less worthy causes. Surely it’s better to make sure they are put to good use and set us off to a good league start? I would love to be top of the table before the season actually begins”.

The nine points are a highly sought after bounty right now, with interest coming from many areas such as the British tennis Davis Cup squad, Scotland’s national rugby team and the UK’s Eurovision song entry.

Westcar intends to use existing relationships to secure the points advantage for Goring, bringing in GCC senior staff member, Keith Grant, to help the process along. Grant commented;

“I have already been in contact with my brother Avram, current manager at Pompey, having met with him in The Soashe over a pint of a middle pump nutty ale in a handle. He’d come down for the meat draw.” Grant went on to say, “He’s definitely intrigued by the idea, and seems to be considering the points transfer in exchange for a place as Head of Entertainment on the Goring Social Club Committee, having turned down the Hull City job. He’s got some great ideas for Soashe entertainments, starting with a themed Thai Evening. He also did actually imply that he would give us the points under a ‘you-scratch-my-back’ type deal.”


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