GCC Elite – Most Improved Player

For the 2010 season, we will track 7 key stats for each player – or rather you will….Your goal is to beat your previous seasons “Personal Best” in each particular metric. The player who betters the most out of 7 will be deemeed most improved. The data we will use will come from the Play Cricket site. So, register/login and record your current PBs as the season begins. You will need to identify and track the following stats from your history on that site (“since electronic records began”). The figures in brackets are what I will have to beat in 2010;

  1. Total runs in a season with bat (497)
  2. Highest individual score with bat (146)
  3. Highest batting average (35.5)
  4. Most wickets in a season (2)
  5. Best bowling in a season (1/13)
  6. Best bowling average in a season (54.5)
  7. Most catches in a season (9)

Write these on a piece of paper and add to your wallet!! And let the challenge begin – get on to the site and collect your targets!!! Email me once you have found yours and we will collect a table of goals…


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