Toby Tomlinson prepares to call 6 April General Selection

"Real Change"

Chairman Toby Tomlinson is preparing to announce that the General Selection will be held on 6 April.


Following a committee meeting, he will go to Tha Soashe to ask DFTS to dissolve the winter weather.

On returning from Tha Soashe he will confirm the widely-predicted date and call the selection “the big choice”.

Sunday skipper Tom Hedge said his staff had the “bid ideas” for the Sunday XI whilst Saturday captain Jonny Westcar said only his team offered “real change”.

Club shirts, pro-coach, umpires & scorers, quality teas and beer after the game will be key battlegrounds.


TV Debates

The campaign for players will also feature, for the first time, live television debates on the “GCC One” channel between the two team captains.

Mr Tomlinson is expected to say in a speech “The Committee has fought too hard to get GCC on the road to recovery to allow anybody to play for any other club.”

He will outline “three big challenges” facing the club – too many great players, getting Castle Lager in Tha Soashe and Wincott to take part in fitness drills.

Players will quickly need to make their choice on the General Selection with votes (availabilities) needing to be cast today for this Sunday’s season opener by contacting Toby via



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