Deeks vs. Norman

Let (friendly) battle commence. The batting glove has been thrown down. Inter-sibling rivalry is set to reach new heights with this season’s head to head battle between the Deeks Brothers and the Norman Brothers. Both pairs claming to be the better GCC cricketing siblings.

With the season opener just around the corner, battle lines have been drawn up to finally resolve the winter-long dispute. Numbers geek, Steve Wincott has dusted off the abacus to develop the Jeffries/Irving Scoring Methodology to assess individual players’ all round ability.

The score for each player will be developed and added to that of his brother’s to compare against the other two players. The formula is thus:- Player Score = Runs + (wickets*15) + (catches*10).


In comparison, the scores for the 2009 season were as follows;

Tim Deeks = 433 points
Michael Deeks = 187 points
Matt Norman = 424 points
Donovan Norman = 383 points

Giving a resounding win for the Norman Boys of 807 to 620. In an interview, Matt Norman said; “We are the future of Goring CC – and our stats go to prove that. The bowling gave us the edge last season with 29 wickets between us. We both need to work on our batting for sure, I need another 73 like I got all those years back in 2008. I just need to stay out of hospital too.”

Brother Donnie continued, “Matt’s mind is on cricket 100%, and his hair. He never made it to winter nets due to another ‘sporting injury’ – but he’s with me for the season, we are going to win.” 

Off-field distractions



Speaking of his brother, Tim ‘White Lightening’ Deeks said;

“It’s his batting, he can do it but needs to up his game a little – it’s consistency we need this year. Indoor nets this winter have heightened his concentration.”

Deeks Senior went on to say “He’ll get more runs that those Norman boys put together for sure. We just need to keep him away from the beer.”

Ladies man, Tim Deeks, the only GCC player other than Will Balakrishnan that I would pay money to watch play cricket, is integral to the success of Goring’s league campaign in 2010. He’s quick too, as brother Michael explains “I taught him everything he knows – cricket, life, beer – everything. He really excelled at garden cricket round ours – never failing to tip it into the notorious 8-run flower pot twice an innings. Bowling in our garden was his true forte, though. Coming off 35 paces into a 10 yard wicket made it difficult for me to even think about my footwork before the ball hit the dustbin <stumps> behind me.”

So, the scene is set, regular updates on progress throughout the year on twitter via @Upswinger. Who is your money on? Comments please…


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