Gorin’ Shroud Goes On Display For The First Time in 10 Years.

Local residents, cricketing archivists and the inquisitive general public will finally get another chance to view the much-debated “Gorin’ Shroud” over the next six weeks.

In 1984 when the old pavilion was pulled down, the Shroud, or Jock Strap, was discovered by workman –  bearing the stained image of a bearded man who had claimed to be The Messiah, and resembling Tony Hedge.

Former GCC scorer and archivist Colin Jeffries was immediately interviewed about the owner. Whilst he could not be entirely understood he did mention the phrases “rather large” and we believe “heathen stains”.

The Gorin' Shroud. Jock Strap - Models Own!

The authenticity of the shroud has divided the local cricketing community for years. Both in terms of the original owner, and also the apparent image displayed. Carbon dating techniques have been used on the bodily fluid marks that appear to show the face of Tony Hedge. Boffins estimate it to date “from some time after 1876”. Others say it is an elaborate hoax developed during the GCC Centenary year, with the image appearing to be “not dissimilar to that of Pussy (Woodage, presumably)”. GCC Legend Les Shepherd wouldn’t be drawn as to whether it had belonged to him saying “who knows? Me? Reg? CV? We all shared kit back in those days.”  

After it’s initial discovery GCC had no idea of the potential historical importance of the soiled artifart. For years it was available for general use by new or young and inexperienced players. And it was guaranteed an airing once a year by the Goring United footballers during the annual GCC v GUFC game. Most footballers turning up to cricket making the schoolboy error of wearing boxer shorts under their cream-coloured chinos they wore trying to pretend they were cricketing flannels. Wise to the stains, the more intelligent players would wear the strap OVER the boxers – presumably so as not to stain it further and perhaps in recognition of its potential historical status.


Finally recognised as an important GCC historical item, the shroud was put safely in the cupboard at the end of Tha Soashe bar. To ensure longevity it is brought out once every ten years. This year it will be placed in the Quiet Room in Tha Soashe for viewing. Queues are expected to stretch as far as Masooms and viewings will only be allowed for between 3 and 5 minutes due to the awful stench expected.

In line with previous outings, other notable GCC artifacts will also be on display including Ben Fuggles’ batting gloves, Duncan Kent’s peach coloured box and Jim Ross’ yellow trainers.


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