South Oxfordshire Airspace Remains Closed

Planes across South Oxfordshire remain grounded for a fifth consecutive day, as the no-fly zone is extended to at least 0100 tomorrow morning, as safety fears over the volcanic ash continue.

This standstill in air movements have led to several Cricket teams across the county having to cancel matches as players and officials are stranded overroads by flight cancellations, and with the new season underway many teams are unable to leave their pubs.   St. Reatley Strollers CC have reported that several of its stars are currently seeking refuge in Goring as the restrictions take hold on their efforts to return over the Thames.

They were not the only team to be affected, as PeppardAir have again cancelled all flights which has severely affected much of their weekend service.  The airliner’s flagship aircraft, PepForce1, was due to arrive at London Cleeve airport yesterday with the Village Cricket team on board to represent Peppard at the Goring Cricket Ground.  But, the airports continued closure on the advice of someone, meant that PeppardAir had to cancel the outbound journey, leaving TeamPeppard stranded on the other side of the A4074.

Grounded - Aircraft Remain Parked at London Cleeve Yesterday

A spokesman from PeppardAir said that the situation was unprecedented, and not since a barn fire at North Stoke in 1997 had the area been declared off-limits to aircraft.  “We are losing in the region of £15 to £20 a day, and are looking at a total loss of around £75 already”.  PA, already suffering from the recent Cabin Crew Strike when both members of staff walked out, said it was very damaging to their future, and this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. 

London Cleeve Airport Operator, Chiltern Park Aerodrome, has asked all passengers not to travel to it’s airport until further notice, but to contact Olly Carrier for flight status updates.  Thames Travel and Murdoch Taxis have reportedly boosted their capacities to aid stranded passengers.

“It is a real disappointment for me and my team.  To get here on time, as many them did, and set up everything before my arrival was a nice touch, but it all appears to have been in vain, as with no opposition, it is difficult to play a game of cricket.” Commented Sunday Skipper Tom Hedge. “But we have to take some positives, for example, we are now fully aware that the Tea Urn is in a working condition, and the sight screens still need to be oiled.  Plus the beer was cold, so the fridge is still operational”.

Peppard were unavailable for comment, although Upswinger was able to obtain the TeamPeppard team sheet:

Lord Lucan

Darren Grist

Richey Edwards

Amelia Earhart

George Best

Suzy Lamplugh

Glenn Miller

Crew of Marie Celeste


Admiral Lord Nelson

Little Johnny’s Spleen, Ward 4, Bed 2, Alder Hay Children’s Ward

*Have you been affected?  If you have any stories or experiences with Ashley Cole, please let us know by leaving a comment.


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