Don’t Fear The Twitter

Tweet Tweet

If you’ve got a Twitter account and are already following GCC’s Twitter updates at then well done, you’re converted and probably dead brainy.

However, if you think Twitter is pointless, dull and a complete waste of time then read on and maybe give it a go. It takes less than 2 minutes to set up an account and no-one need ever know. Even Splodge has got a Twitter account and he’s less technical than a GCC boundary marker.

What is Twitter: 

Twitter is almost identical to sending and receiving a text message. It’s quick, short and to the point. The main difference is that with Twitter you can send your text message (aka a ‘tweet’) to lots of people at the same time.  And it’s completely free!

Who will read my tweets?

Your tweet will be read by your ‘followers’. These can be your close circle of friends or if people enjoy the things you like tweeting about they will choose to ‘follow’ you. These people are your audience. (feel the power yet?)

Whose tweets should i read?

Twitter had a bad reputation when it launched.  It was full of minor celebrities tweeting about what they had for breakfast or how big their poo was (Jonathan Ross). But now you can follow a whole range of people, celebrities, sportsmen, brands and of course, GCC’s Upswinger itself. Remember, you don’t have to write anything if you don’t want to, a lot of people just use Twitter to follow other people. (like for instance )

Im ready to give it a go, talk me through it.

Click this link: and fill in your details. You can probably skip all the suggestions about following people or suggested topics. 

When your account is confirmed, go here: and click follow – you’ll then be a follower of GCC’s incredible Twitter channel. A few others you might like to follow: 

Bumble - Start The Car! (Jonathan Agnew) (David Lloyd) (Graeme Swann)

Did you notice Bumble above!

Now you’ve got an account you can tweet from your webpage or mobile phone. Blackberrys and iPhones have the best software but i’m sure your Nokia, HTC or any other smartphone can do the job too.


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