GCC In Match Fixing Scandal

 Goring cricket officials have launched an investigation into allegations of match fixing, and demanded that GCC official Will Brownlee answer a raft of accusations of fixing and coercion.

The Cricket First (TCF) seemed to embody all that was good about ‘new Goring’ with its telegenic cocktail of Primarni Glitz, big business and high-octane cricket.  But that has been jeopardised with allegations of match fixing, start time irregularities and ground rights.  In a day of extraordinary melodrama, even by Goring standards, Goring Cricket Club (GCC) announced that it had given Brownlee 4 months to respond to a number of corruption allegations.

In Tha Soashe (Formerly Goring Social Club), meanwhile, the Board was forced to deny that it had secretly monitored the telephone calls of leading officials, including in the past fortnight, a South Oxfordshire official discussing GCC teas with Mr Brownlee

Hansie Cronje - Not Yesterday. Cricket's most loved Fixer!

The Saga, which began with a tweet from an unnamed source, is calling into question the future of not only GCC, but also South Oxfordshire’s credibility as a host of local sporting events, a place to coach, and as an aspiring minor county.  The fear, however, is that there is much more to come, as Mr Brownlee has warned that his alleged fellow colluders will not go quietly.

Brownlee has so far denied any wrongdoing, insisting that the governing body endorsed ‘every decision’ and has drawn attention to similar allegations against Colin Jeffries in April 2009, which after a 4-and-half month investigation, all fixing allegations were upheld.

Similarly high drama was played out in Cholsey last week, as the Board there tried to prevent the saga from complicating further its efforts to push through a limited overs and T20 arrangement through committee.

A spokesman for GCC has played down suggestions that the disruption would be harmful to the TCF, stating that whilst the current investigation into match fixing could last until mid-September, it was confident that the result will be more than satisfactory, and thanked Mr Brownlee for his full cooperation. 

Upswinger has managed to obtain top-secret documents relating to the investigation – Download it here>>   Match Fixing Dossier 2010


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  1. Posted by Ben Hunt on April 28, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    This is not the first time. There were similar allegations after a 2nd XI league match at Pinkney’s Green in 1998. Goring’s failure to defend a total of 308 fell under scrutiny because regulatory authorities – the East Berkshire Young Farmers Club, which ran cricket in the area at the time – could not be persuaded that one team could drop quite so many catches or bowl so many long hops in the space of 45 overs.

    Charges were dropped, however, when video evidence was presented showing a similar performance on 14 other occasions that summer, leading the EB YFC to conclude that the matter was “more cock-up” than “conspiracy”.


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