What A Weekend!!

Where do we start?! All the weekend’s news just about in this post alone to spare your inboxes…

NETS!!! This TUESDAY 6pm for Academy, 7.15 for grown ups. This week we shall have our Pro Coach Chris Ellison (Berkshire Coach of the Year 2009) from Performance Cricket. We’ll focus on bowling practice no doubt…

Nearly 400 runs from Goring and 17 wickets taken in two full games at the GCG.

Andy hoped the Castle Lager will help him be a little less stiff after the game.

On Saturday, GCC were put into bat by Bearbrook & Emmwood on the coldest day ever. After a steady start, we stumbled to 50 for 3 off 20 overs. Cometh the (21st) over…cometh the Westcar & Harrigan.  Smashing the GCC 4th wicket partnership record (to the upset of Will Smith), Jonny and Dan steered us to a total of 247 from 45 overs. Dan ending on 96 whilst Jonny notched up the first GCC ton with 104 runs. Truly a captain’s innings and this weeks “King Of The Castle” man of the match. E&B struggled to get anywhere and Goring’s bowlers chipped away at them reducing them to 150 (ish) for 8 off their overs. Top bowling from Vickery, Sexon, Hedge – and grey-haired Canadian, Simon Budderfield – who provided some sex-faces and stares at the oppo batsmen, and when challenged he replied “it’s the league, I can do this”. Simon filled an important bowling gap on Saturday with a great spell – a far cry from the crap he bowled last year in the twos. Other quotes from the great man;

(After Dan hit hard on arm and gets up to field) : “Great attitude”.

(After 12 year old in Adidas Superstars comes in to bat) : “Let’s see what you got”.

“Since I’ve been going to the gym I seem to have more control” (I believe he meant control over the direction of his deliveries not his “PC Muscle”).

“Don’t worry about that one, the next ball is another opportunity, just look at it that way” – Chris “Motivator” Lewis to S Budderfield.

Other than that, Simon remained reasonably quiet by all accounts. Top fielding by Goring too – but a little too much chat probably made us a little cocky with 6 E&B wickets down. Hedgey “Yip Count” = 2. Top scoring from Steve Purnell – missing just 3 balls (so to speak). And Martin back as umpire this week having finished reading the “Take your time to make a decision” chapter of his umpiring text book. It was nice to spend 44.5 overs chatting to Chris Lewis in the Pavilion too.

All played in good spirit and with light drizzle. Here’s a “Jamie Vid” to summarise the day in 35 seconds.


Next week Saturday – away to IBIS  (= runs) – SLADE, DEEKS where are you?!?!!?

More news on Sunday’s game to come – but rumours abound that Wincott ran a “self-called” three – other rumours are that  Hedgey’s tea tasted great and everyone got sunburn.

Don’t forget to book you pass with the loved one for tour – and see the promo video below…

Quick fixture list on the Calender page – and photos from the 1st league game on the Gallery page. The first “fit in my kit” bag photo has been taken – but we have some IT issues that Duncan has promised to work on to get it off Steve’s phone (no, wasn’t him) and onto the Blog.

Soon – initial scores from Deeks vs. Norman…once Hedgey sends them through.

SEE YOU AT NETS ON TUESDAY – Selectors will be present….


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