Exciting News for Goring Cricket Club

Here’s a preview of a forthcoming piece in the Goring Gap News…

Goring Cricket Club are kicking off the 2010 season with a whole new approach for the club and its members by raising the standards to a level not seen before since the club’s inception 134 years ago. The struggle and demise of familiar local clubs and the now perennial battle for these clubs to put teams out on a weekly basis is causing stagnation and more struggle. For this reason the Committee at Goring have decided to act, rather than stagnate, to ensure that GCC gains and maintains its position at the top of the Berkshire League, where it belongs.

To produce these standards new initiatives must be taken. So as of this season the club is employing a professional coach to oversee training for the youth academy and the senior players on a weekly basis, a cost that provides a strong emphasis on preparation, fitness and competitiveness. On top of this there will be a professionally trained umpire at each league match. We also welcome our new sponsor SAB Miller whose emblem will be seen on the striking new kit and who will gleefully be providing the teams (GCC and opposition) with necessary refreshment after a hard fought victory in the sun.

These three new measures are not readily available at clubs the size of Goring but we believe that the effort that has been put into the club in the past warrants this action now, in order to make us stay ahead of the game for the future. The impressive work that creates a stronger youth academy with every year can only be bettered by the introduction of a professional coach. The coach will also bring valuable practise drills and a sense of competitiveness to the senior players that is entirely necessary to get us to the top of the tables, where we as a club want to be.

Moreover, with these new dynamic measures also comes a pledge from within the club which is as important as any expense. The focus of the members and the teams will be driven by the desire to play for a club that plays to the highest level it can but always maintaining a level of decorum and fair play. The growth of the club is paramount and we want to attract a great cross-section of abilities and characters to fill the future teams, therefore we have not gone to poach good players from other clubs for instant success but no loyalty. Instead we are looking from within and invite others to join in our pledge which is to provide an atmosphere and environment which is conducive to belonging and thoroughly enjoying every aspect of the game and the camaraderie of your team mates whether you’re 9 or 90. Being part of a winning team is fantastic but loving being part of that team is even better.

We are providing you with everything you need and as a club in growth we are looking for new members, scorers, anything that may be of interest to the cricketer in you, we will be delighted to hear from you. For more information please contact our club Chairman Toby Tomlinson (07949081951).

Jim Ross


Goring Cricket Club


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  1. Posted by Ben F on May 14, 2010 at 9:12 am

    Great stuff – any chance of some professional wife training to free up some time on Saturday afternoons?!


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