Goring CC in World Cup Bid

Goring cricket icon Tom Ferry has delivered the 52-word ‘bid paragraph’ which he hopes will persuade the ICC to award Goring the 2018 Sunday Cricket “Start-at-half-past-two-bat-until-tea-then-twenty-overs-from-6.30” World Cup trophy.

The hosts for 2018 and 2022 will be announced on 2 December, with Cholsey and Reading Lawyers also among the bidders.

 “We have a lot of passion; cricket is something which runs through our veins, like alcohol ” said Ferry, who delivered the page to ICC President David Morgan.

 The Goring delegation were introduced by Ferry as representing “the feature of cricket “.

 Ferry was joined on stage by GCC President Jim Ross, “Goring 2018” Chief Executive Andy Ankerson and the Big Issue Lady from outside Londis, who confirmed to Morgan that Goring would also like to be considered for the 2022 event.

 One time Station Master of The Year nominee and current Lord Lucan tribute act, Colin Jeffries, who penned the bid in his own ‘joined up thunder blight’ font commented;

 “20:18 is a little late to start, and to have another then at 20:22 seems a crazy – but the tracks will be ready, you can be sure of that. Platform 4. Hmmff.”

 In a short speech, Ferry sought to convey the place of cricket at the heart of Goring culture.

 “As you will see by our bid paragraph we have a lot of passion for the game and in bringing the biggest sporting event in the South Oxon Sunday sporting fixtures calendar to our village,” said Ferry. “As a player, I am told you always dream of playing on a Sunday in your own village so you will see the emotion this will bring to us and our fan“


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