Upswinger’s 5,000th Visitor

On the morning of Wednesday 19th May, Upswinger! reached the incredible “5,000th View” milestone. In just two months since re-launch, the blog has been visited a staggering 5,000 times. No wonder the global economy has been in decline. We have 31 “subscribers” who get an email every time something new is added (see sidebar on right if you have not yet subscribed). We have 22 twitter followers via @Upswinger too – this gives you practically Soashe Networkingball-by-ball updates from each league game – and other GCC breaking news, including the informal Budderfield/Dirty HarriganNet Orgies” expected to take place as the heat wave kicks in – so that you know you can head down to the GCG nets to meet “like-minded individuals” having a sneaky net practice with players with a GSOH (Good Standard Of Hygiene). Sign up to Twitter now – and see the archives below for details of best cricket related folks to follow with this powerful “Soashe Networking” tool.

To mark this historic milestone, Upswinger tracked down the 5,000th visitor using some “web-based tools” developed by GCC IT Blue Sky Thinkers @DuncanKent and @TheRealJimRoss. It turns out that the particular individual concerned is just 12 years old and actually lives in Malaysia!!!! He was not willing to give his real name, but we were able to chat via Instant Messenger to @ColaBoy69. Here is the transcript;

@Upswinger: Congratulations on being the 5,000th visitor!! How did you find the site?

@ColaBoy69: Thanks you! I find on a search for “swinging big studs” in and I Feeling Lucky.

@Upswinger: No. How did you find the site? – Interesting? A good read?

@ColaBoy69: Oh yes. I love the Goring United Cricket Club and Cleeve! Toby Tom and Carly! When they get married? And “You Can’t Belief I’m A Butterfinger!” Who is that ugly bloke? Very funny things it’s sure. And Lost Condiments! What this crazy bum holes? Who is Ken?

@Upswinger: That’s great! Seems like you had a good look around the site. What else did you find?



@ColaBoy69: Oh, for real! That damn Big Issue Lady is outside the Londis – is crazy tits!! LOL!! Where is that scorer Jeffrey Collins? Who knows?!!! – the station is who is knows!! Ha ha. Bobby Charlton, Manchester United or is City isn’t it now? LMFAO. PMSL.

@Upswinger: Fantastic. And thank you for chatting with us – any final comments?

@ColaBoy69: Why yeah Man! How do you like the baby puppies? What is your most nicest sweets? Can I meet you at the swings in an hour? Don’t tell anyone though – sound OK? Yours, Barry.

At that point we unfortunately lost the ISDN link, but it seems as if we had some sort of crossed line anyway.

10,000 by end of July is our next goal. Feel free to contribute – it’s your website!! Send articles to the usual address, however, if you want them back please remember to include a stamped addressed envelope, and remember, don’t have nightmares…


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