Official Opening of “The Dave Woodage Grandstand”

Dave Woodage acquiring his nickname

In order to accommodate the many wives, girlfriends, mistresses, hip-hop honeys, babies and children expected at the GCG this Sunny Saturday for the “70 degrees, 70 points” against West Reading, GCC will formally open The “Dave” Woodage Grandstand. We are still looking for a more appropriate name to call the seating enclosure where the beautiful WAGs will sit, but want to recognise “Dave” as a GCC cricketing legend too. Let us know if you have any ideas. 

With the high potential of some left over Castle Lager, we are also expecting a large number of players to come along that are not in this Saturday’s first XI to provide support to their Club – 

Cheap Tent

plus to watch Will Smith and Chris Lewis get a ton each. Stephen “Stephen” Wincott has cashed in the GCC Tesco Club Card points and the Club has purchased not one, but TWO gazebos (tents) to create the impressive Grandstand. Safety first, and so a player will be put in place to guard the WAGs and kids from injury should the ball fly in the air towards the enclosure. First up for this catching practice is Academy Director and “Safe Hands”, Tom Ferry, buoyant from this weeks coaching session. 

So – bring sun block, a rug, beer, pink wine, a paddling pool, Nuts magazine, a camera, Grazia, olives, knitting, a whole cooked chicken, wasp repellent, deckchairs, Havianas, a hamper, Fab ice lollies, a cap, sunglasses, ice buckets and a positive attitude. TTT’s will provide hot tea throughout the afternoon to the insane. 

Teams for the weekend presented below. 

See. You. There. 


Other News: 

– New Poll on right of here – “Should Jonny call heads or tails this Saturday”? 

– Poll Results – Snatched the lead right at the end – Deeks of Hazzard 52% vs. Norman Conquest 48%. Mike Deeks’ net one to one on Tuesday clearly has him fired up. Once Hedgey gets the stats in we might have a clue who is winning…


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