Saturday’s Virtual Match Report

Good once

Having not played myself this weekend, I have sketchy reports of the activities, so all this is based on Twitter and Hear’Say for Saturday’s game.

On an overcast and drizzly Saturday the 1st XI headed for the “appears bigger than it is” ground at Stratfield Tardis. The start was delayed due to a game of Connect Four between Jamie Vic and Splodge – and the parading of the new GCC playing shirts, which are white – very white in fact. We just need someone to search the interweb for “very white cricket whites” so that our current “creams” don’t clash. Add a comment here if you find any….

Good once

The rumours are that this key game at Stratfield was ultimately reduced to a “best of 5”, with Splodge finally winning by securing the tricky “reverse diagonal” with the red counters in the final drops, much to the displeasure of Vickery.

Good ones

Meanwhile, the cricket got underway with each side now allotted 35 overs each (which is the norm it seems for the 2nd May Bank Holiday weekend). In no doubt shitty conditions, GCC struggled with the bat (but looked extremely smart) and at one point were in the 70’s for 6 – with Hainsey at the crease. Yes – he’s back!!! Welcome home, Steve. No sign of the ton you get at The Tardis a few years back then?

From there on it went silent. It seems we didn’t use all our overs, and they didn’t need all theirs either. Perhaps every player could add their own match report to the comments section of this report – in exactly 27 words? Thank you.

Bad ones

This week’s “King of the Castle” was awarded to Splodge “Matthew” Hodges for tight bowling with a bar of soap that resembled a cricket ball. Splodge returned 1-23 off 8 constantly beating the opposition’s best batsman. It seems Splodge would have had two but for a dreadful drop by the Skipper (his words).

Whilst the Skipper is away, we have Will Smith covering as captain for the first team for two weeks. Shinfield at home this weekend for the first team – a two gazebo day we hope…


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