Upswinger! Archives – Issue #1, April 1998

Upswinger Issue 1 April 1998

Click the link above for the first ever issue of Upswinger! Old school and paper format, but with the same old gags…


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  1. Posted by Ben Hunt on June 4, 2010 at 8:00 am

    I will give a prize to anyone who can still name the 11 actual Goring players behind the Village XI in the first issue of Upswinger. Please do not try too hard as the prize will almost certainly be crap.


  2. OK – here goes – 1. Dobsy, 2. Quiche Grant, 3. JuniorPro, 4. I Grant, 5. S Haines, 6. A Chilcott, 7. Spuds, 8. Me?, 9. Matt Smith, 10. S Plumb, 11. Dook of Dork?


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