Support Your First Teams!!


The Sunday 1st XI are at home this weekend. And similar to Saturday, the temperature will be right up there again. So get yourselves down to the GCG on either day this weekend (or both, or even right now) and bring family, friends, paddling pools, magnums of champagne, WD40, changing mats, a Vienetta (mint) and Sith Ifrican lager for a great weekend of cricket and sunshine before the footy arrives to break your heart over the next month.

Will Smith is playing this week (Saturday) as first XI captain. Castle Lager are kindly supplying branded ear plugs for the children, as we may well expect a Blitzkreig of F-Bombs. (Toby – please move the Yellow Bin…) .


Also, there are a number of Deeks’s’s and Norman’s selected to enhance that particular rivalry, and there will be about 14 different Everitt’s playing over the 3 day weekend Festival of Cricket too. New Boy Nick Parris turns out on Sunday – so you long-term GCCers know the deal – if he is any good or has an accent from the Southern Hemisphere – talk to him alot and make him feel welcome – alternatively, if he claims to “bat a bit, bowl a bit“, look out for his khaki Chino’s and black trainers and give him the “she-wee” box for protection and The Bat From Hell (whatever happened to that?) to use.  Seriously, welcome along Nick, no pressure…

Don’t forget the flag!!! Make sure that is out all weekend – we will have Twitter updates from a certain resident “Ben Dirs” – plus appropriate photos throughout on Twitter too – sign up and follow @Upswinger. We must get a flag ‘n’ WAG photo! WAGS out in force, I think, in the “Dave” Woodage enclosure – ALL the GCC gazebos will be put up tomorrow in anticipation of a crowd that may well top our season, non-CricNic (more on that to come) best, of 70 a few weeks ago (if the ‘Owls Club are at home).

Good luck all, from a sunny Chicago.


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