Saturday’s Victory As It Happened on Twitter

All the tweets from @Upswinger at Saturday’s first XI game at home to Shinfield. GCC’s first league win of the season.

  • Morning All – TT at the flight deck today, reporting live from the GCG and “Dave” enclosure for the Shi*field visit later today – requests?
  • Confirmation Will Smith has won the toss, and put Shi*field into bat! Slade and Hodges to share the Cherry!
  • SEINFELD 26 for 1 off (of) 9 overs. A run out. (This update comes to you from Chicago – GCC is so “Glocal”).
  • SEINFELD 46 for 2. A wicket for the ever consistent Hodges.
  • SHIMFEELED 46 for 4!!! Tidy bowling by The ‘Ring. Wkts for Barton and Sexon (stumping) now too. Is today the day? Too many tweets?
  • 52 for 5. Dare to dream.
  • Ground technical issues resolved – hopefully! Seinfeld 66/5 Sexon strikes again!
  • And so does Barton – the devil is at the GCG 66/6 – buffet boy plods back to the pavilion!
  • And two balls later Barton trumps again – lovely tickle batsmen, see you later! 66/7 and Seinfeld looking in trouble!
  • Not content with Barton stealing the figures, Sexy flights on up and Nutterfield pouches in the deep! 73/8 – nul points for Shi*field!?
  • Seinfeld would appear to have an early appointment to make this evening, as Sexy forces a top edge to Jonny Russ at backstop – 82/9
  • Stubborn last pair steering Shinbones past 100 for their first point! 110/9 Slade back probing for the breakthrough with Splodge!
  • Controversy at the GCG – batsmen in no mans land – did he delibaretly interfere for the run out? Umpires say no! 50 partnership 132/9
  • Last over – hodges in, bowls, out! 138 the target, back in 20!
  • Here we go – Smith and an Everitt to open. Spin from both ends with the old ball. 138 the target and….oh, Everitt gone. Kent up next.
  • Beseiged by tech bugs today! Hope you can see the updates!! Fifteen overs gone and Smith and Kent tickling the ball around nicely 45/1.
  • PJ ‘Ol Boy at the ground, sat next to Frank on the bench – looks a bit like Jimmy Kranky
  • Comfortably cruising now – Kent and Smith going along nicel….oh….
  • Only joking! 107/1 now with plenty of overs left. 18 in fact – that’s less than two an over! Kent and Smith set to bring victory to GCC.
  • Win Win Win! Smith drives a four for his fifty and the Victory! Kent 76* and Smith 52*.
  • Very worryingly, post match chat seems to be focusing on mens appendages!
  • Hope you all enjoyed today’s game – fantastic win for the G-Strings! All these updates have given my battery a battering so might not las


King Of The Castle


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