Mickey G – 10 Years Gone

10 years ago, Mickey G left Goring to head for The Netherlands. Not surprisingly, there were many tears as it was, of course, an incredibly sad occasion for anyone involved in the Dutch Cricket scene. At that time, Upswinger developed a Collectors Issue to commemorate and celebrate his departure – which included brief interviews with both of his friends. All of this can be read in the attachment here;

Upswinger MG Issue

Nowadays, Mickey G (@DutchG on Twitter), has traded the Dutch cricket scene for baseball – far more akin to the delivery that this blog is named after – i.e. not troubling the batsman – or indeed the Groundsman. In July, to acknowledge this 10 year milestone, he will be back at the GCG for the Jim Ross President’s’s Day – a buffet will no doubt be served up for the GCC XI.


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