Green Light for Goring CC “Fan Park”

Westcar addresses Fan Park

In anticipation of capacity crowds at the GCG for the forthcoming President’s’s’ Game & CricNic on 27th June, world football governing body FIFA kindly allowed certain planned elements of the day to be tested at the World Cup in South Africa.

GCC have already approached the local Paris Council with respect to building a “Fan Park” in the Rectory Gardens opposite The Miller to accommodate additional T20 fans expected to arrive from as far away as that bit between Streatley and Lower Basildon, and The Netherlands. In preparation, Dave Illingworth’s fat screen TV has already been moved from the WAGS Powder Room in the Pavilion to the Village Hall in readiness for the “ultimate viewing event” in the Fan Park on the 27th.

Entertainment is also being arranged for before the match to keep the crowd in high spirits. “The Like Years”, the Cleeve-based tribute band to Goring’s own “The Light Years” are just one of the mediocre acts already confirmed – headed by front man and bass triangle player, GCC’s very own Andy Markham. The Big Issue will also be available to buy on the day, but you are advised to bring the correct money since she is “like that”.

GCC is excited to announce the Master of Ceremonies of the Fan Park as our favourite fan @ColaBoy69. No expense has been approved, as GCC book him on a direct flight via British Airways microlite from Kuala Lumpur to the Chiltern Park Aerodrome near Ipsden to host the event in the Rectory Gardens.

“I bloody loves it!” said the excitable 13 (or 45) year old, “I get to see them Goring Cleeve CCC in real person! And meet that ton-machine Stevie Wincott – why he such a mystery?”

When asked about other things fans can expect on the day, Cola Boy replied;

“Like of the World FIFA Cup of Soccerball, we give out those GCC “Buggy Flags” for all the prams like your English wallies put on their cars or leave in the gutters (is dumb-tits), and you can get one of that thing that makes a monotonous droning sound throughout the game too – called The Jeffrey Collins Vuvuzela. Ha! Ha! Are the swings still there?”

GCC President Jim Ross’ thinks the Fan Park will become a regular feature in Goring. “With both gazebos packed out on hot, sunny Saturday’s at the GCG, it amazes me that Hedgey doesn’t insist on them for his “Sunday Stars” XI too? The Presidents/Cricnic Sunday will certainly need the gazebos out to accommodate the many WAGs and locals expected to attend. At the ground that day we will hope to have a GCC record attendance of over 127, assuming the Owls Club are playing at home. Numbers are set to rise higher this year since we will have paddling pools and the “Castle Lager Bouncy Lager Castle” too.

He went on to state, “Introducing Fan Parks in and around Goring will be a necessity in years to come. In addition to the Rectory Gardens, we are applying for future years to use the Sheepcote in Gatehampton and the Bob Dylan Field in Cleeve.”

Asked about his team selection, Ross guffed;

“To be honest, they are a bunch of mainly old farts who were just about average once. So much so I have had to over-recruit in order to cover any injuries in Game One. They still kid themselves that they can bat/bowl a bit, but that remains to be seen. Our success lies squarely with Matthew Armitage.”

Ross wouldn’t be drawn on his Game One team selection saying simply “I will let them know two hours before the start.”


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