Tour vs Chittlehampton

GCC batted first under captain TT for the Studwards testimonial game. Poor network connections may result in irregular updates but keep an eye on the Twitter feeds.
Ankerson and Wincott opened and both retired not out after 20 overs with the total of 130. AA on 54no and TW on 60 no. Mikey Deeks got to 38 no and Studs batted a bit too but not for too long. GCC declared 30 mins early on 209 and went off for the “cake break” as they had no sandwiches much to the annoyance of Studs.
The first three batsman out for ducks and so inevitably on came Studs for his bowling swansong. 10 balls later and the headline was written. Caught Butterfield Bowled Edwards. Local lad commits suicide.
Hedge bowled well claiming a mere 5 for 15. Splodge 3 for 7. Oppos all out for 92. Off to The Bell in desperate hunt for food. Beards have arrived too.


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