Countdown to GCC Golf Day

Crazy Golf

With only two weeks to go to the highlight of the CBA Tour, the GCC Golf Day at The Springs Hotel and Country Club,  Upswinger have been out and about interviewing the hot favourites and Simon Butterfield – along with the tournament organisers – that will make this day so special.

Preparations started two months ago. Organiser Duncan Kent walked the course with GCC resident expert groundsman Dirty Harrigan to see how the course could be tightened to give the players a decent challenge. “Duncan is looking for a few changes” said Dirty “understandably he would like the lakes drained, greens flattened and has requested that the championship tee markers be swapped with the ladies’ markers. However, he was more worried about the hospitality aspects and recorded that cooking lager will be dispensed at 7.4 on the stint meter, ensuring maximum viewing time from the gallery.”

Having been around for 134 years GCC do not underestimate the history and importance of this perennial golf tournament. “To win this event is a great honour for a GCC member” said Duncan, “as the victors can associate themselves with the great members of the past. Especially given the extra significance of this being the inaugural [first] tournament.”

Upswinger has been interviewing some of the players during their busy training schedules at the Springs:

Hole #9 - "The Windmill" followed by "The Wizard's Sleeve"

“This kind of tournament is not just about the player, it involves the grain of the grass, the type of grass, the weather conditions, equipment and most important of all the mental focus of the individual. This is were I have such an advantage” claimed Simon Butterfield. “Nobody has a greater mental approach than me.” Simon is also said to be playing Tour Proven FT Max Hi-Fusion balata balls in preparation as he feels he can control the spin on the greens more confidently.

Nick Parris, handicap leader, is also brimming with confidence. “I wasn’t sure of my handicap but Duncan explained that it relates to number of times played, so because of the 3 times I have played at The Dog I have been bumped up from 2 to 5, which I thought was tough of Dunc. I see Steve Wincott has played 28 times so it wll be nice to see a good player in action.”

Golf has many regulations which caused Jonny Russell some issues: “I wasn’t sure if hybrids were going to be allowed” he said, “but Dunc informed me that it should be fine so I have confirmed my playing partner will be Colin Grant.”

Given the popularity of this event it is sure to be a great afternoon of golf followed by a glorious evening of GCC camaraderie. If you are not involved already and you would like to be it’s not too late. Simply go to the golf day page at Upswinger and register. It is on the afternoon of Friday 6th August. In the evening, we will visit one of Goring’s Social Clubs to debrief on what will have been a great day out.


Duncan Kent, David Lewis, Jim Ross, Toby Tomlinson, Jamie Vickery, Matt Hodges, Seve Wincott, Kenza Barton, Jonny Russell, Clive Everitt, Nick Parris, Simon Putterfield, Jonny Westcar – plus guests.


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