GCC Selection 29/31 July & 1st Aug

Selection has been made as follows:

Thursday 29th July: Midweek XI HOME to Direct Wines, 6.00pm Start.  Please Meet Ground 5.30pm

  1. S Butterfield
  2. O Carrier
  3. J Everitt
  4. W Everitt
  5. T Hedge *
  6. D Norman
  7. M Norman
  8. N Parris
  9. P Slade
  10. P Smithson
  11. S Wincott

Saturday 31st July: 1st XI HOME to Stratfield Turgis CC, 1.30pm Start.  Please Meet Ground 12.30pm

  1. A Ankerson
  2. S Butterfield
  3. O Carrier
  4. E Everitt
  5. J Everitt
  6. D Harrigan
  7. M Hodges
  8. C Lewis
  9. L Sexon
  10. P Slade
  11. W Smith *

Sunday 1st August: Sunday XI HOME to Stoke Row CC, 2.30pm Start.  Please Meet Ground 1.45pm

  1. R Averill
  2. S Butterfield
  3. E Everitt
  4. J Everitt
  5. W Everitt
  6. T Hedge *
  7. W McKenzie
  8. A McGee
  9. D Norman
  10. S Wincott
  11. A Withers

If you have any queries, please contact Toby asap.


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