GCC vs Shinfield – As It Happened…

Twitter Match Report

Here is the story of Saturday’s incredible win, as told by Jamie Vic and then Stephen Wincott, our Commentary Box Reporters on Twitter, via @Upswinger. If you are NOT on Twitter and/or NOT following @Upswinger – you are missing out. Here’s how it went;

@Upswinger    Torrential rain on the way to Shinfield. GCC need to play today to claw back points.
@Upswinger    Grim. http://yfrog.com/n4twcj


@Upswinger    Potential 3pm start. Nice and warm and pitch drying fast.
@Upswinger    Play to start at 3.30. 30-over game. GCC to bat first.
@Upswinger    Ok. We’re off. Westcar and Smith opening. 11 off the first 3 overs.
@Upswinger    POSITIVE start from GCC. 57 off the first 10 overs. Couple of juicy square drives for fours from the beast.
@Upswinger    57-0 I should add.
@Upswinger    WICKETS. 72-2. Both openers gone. Westcar 33 and Smith misses a slow full toss and departs on 28. Jim Ross and Chris Lewis take over
@Upswinger    Drinks – looks to be orange and weak blackcurrant. Oh … 81 for 2 off 15
@Upswinger    Shinfield being milked like prize Fresians
@Upswinger    Lewis goes to ‘dodgy’ lbw. Russell in to slap it around – 8 off 4 so far. Power hitting
@Upswinger    135 for 9 having been 71 for 1. Lower order capitulation. Fez and the Hobbit see out the last 3 ov. Wkt
popping though … there’s a chance
@Upswinger    Pressure pushing down on me pushing down on shinfield! Ludicrous run out leaves shiftield 0 for 1.
Come on the G
@Upswinger    Vickery rips out middle and it’s 0 for 2. Dimissed batsman throws helmet to boundary then kicks it 10
yards further. Fabulous nibble
@Upswinger    Just taken stroll around boundary. From no angle does this place looking anything but a shinhole
@Upswinger    Shinhole 12 for 3 as splogde induces nibble outside off.
@Upswinger    Dolly popped up …. but lands in no man’s land! It’s tough batting out there. Change bowling going 2 b all
important. God I hate this place
@Upswinger    Magnificent run out sees oppo gobshite stranded screaming at partner that it was his call. Then Westcar
catches monster! 14 for 5 off 8.3
@Upswinger    It’d going potty here. Oppo opener pops one up off shoulder to Jonny R off splodge and it’s 14 for 6.
@Upswinger    Another goes as vickery pouches 1 off splodge [3 in 4 balls]. Big biffa comes in and has huge heave as his
nuts shrink to nothing.15 for 7
@Upswinger    Biffa slogs …. and is dropped on boundary …. and it goes for 6. Very exciting. Win guarantees social club
booze up. 24 for 7 off 10
@Upswinger    Bad over sees score move to 43 for 7 off 12. Biffa carting it like black smith of old
@Upswinger    C and B missed by Splodge. Both these 2 should be out of here. As the cricket gods invariably decree,
the next ball goes for 4
@Upswinger    Splodge finishes with 4 for 26 off 8. 61 for 7 off 15 overs chasing 136. But drinks results in immediate
catch as nutterfield strikes.
@Upswinger    Battery issues. JV back on with 2 wkts needed. Biffa still swinging like a rusty gate
@Upswinger    The fat fool goes for a slogged 30 odd. Nutterfield living upto his Box Office nickname. Beast taking a
pressurised steepler. One wkt needed
@Upswinger    Chance missed at mid off and next edged over slips 4 four. They r just swinging like old blue eyes
@Upswinger    President has pulled fetlock. Or possibly recurrence of toe injury? They continue to swing hard. 81 for 9
off 19
@Upswinger    Tense ? Tense nervous headache ? I strongly recommend Nurofen. Coat of paint delivery from JV brings
oohs and ahh
@Upswinger    Vickery carted for 2 fours …. Then cleans up last man as GCC win by 40. Magnificent effort by the lads
@Upswinger    Kings of the Castle ! http://tweetphoto.com/37462933

Kings Of The Castle

@Upswinger    Splodge is the King of the Castle as GCC do one back to rural England with 32 points in the bag

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