An Open Letter From @ColaBoy69


From: Boy69, Cola
Sent: 11 August 2010 18:25
To: Ankerson, Andy
Subject: RE: GCC vs Farley Hill

Ay Carumba! Sit on the bed! – Is really the Ash’s Testes match for the G&CC this weekend! Me and that Axel Crawford (“he’s a rod” not Roddick) speak on heavy rock metal chat rooms and he types he “cannot be an ass” to play even for 80 British pounds he says. Is a dumb tits and that’s for sure.

I think the G&CC should choose some bowlers for game against the Carly Hills as too. And why you have all old men playing? Jim’s and Druncan – you kid me, no? They are both, how you say, “Old Bogies”! I like to see younger boys in the covers, know what I mean Harry!? Heh heh ha ha! PMSL.

Tell Stephen to have a chicken roast for me and lots more often Twittering!! I love to see what he has twatted each week. Oh, but I am stoled his Phoneypod!! Lots of lady pix on the Google history naughty boy. He searches “gonzo style”. Is The Muppets?

And I send you “Good Chances!” to the team – Lolly Carrier, do some hit scores for once you bowler/batsman! You come to see me next week, Lolly? Remember to say to everyone that asks you it’s “Morocco” not Malaysia, no one guesses, bring your tail.  And can u make Lewis and Smith have the runs too? – don’t do slow starting. Cress Lewis – you still pretend to injure? Jenson Buttonfield – I LOVE you when you vary the pace….mmmmm nice ❤ (is to be a heart-shape here). Sexy Lenny – You needs a good length too for you balls – nice line and Len. I say dirties words, sorry.

I hopes to arrive at game for team shower with you first team all and the scorer, Cheesey Weener his name I think. Just be sure they do a win. If not, I Kick-Ass Jeffrey Collins in da front end! I tell him I move in next door neighbour and tunnel into Jazz Shed!! He not happy man. Ever.

That website is still funny as shit. I will be at the quiz – same old gags?




PS: I might be late to the ground Saturday since me and my bird are spending the afternoon looking round Laura Ashley’s sale with Hedgey and his missus. We’ll probably go for a Latte after too at Costa Coffee.

From: Ankerson, Andy
Sent: 11 August 2010 17:12
To: Boy69, Cola
Subject: GCC vs Farley Hill


Winkers was asking about you and how you were? I guess you are still waiting for an operation date? Good luck with that, seriously. This Saturday we have an important must win game. We have been trying to raise the spirits of the team and the atmosphere is pretty good – I will forward you the team sheet (with my comments!) for your info. Tried hard to pay Alex Crawford to play, but he can’t take the pressure.  A great result last week though.

Write back soon!


PS: I remember what I meant to ask you – how do you know Olly Carrier?

PPS: Can you make the Quiz Night on 17th September? People would love to see you in person!!


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