GCC Deny Underage Drinking Claim

Today, heavyweight local tabloid, The Henley Standard, has published a photo of GCC’s victorious team from last Saturday within its sports section, alongside an impressive write-up. Already this morning, reporters and paparazzi have been buzzing around Upper Red Cross Road in search of GCC representatives to discuss claims that certain players are photographed with alcohol in their hands when they are clearly underage; the victorious team photo clearly backfiring as a PR stunt by GCC.

A furious Michael Deeks hit back at the allegations describing his own battle to beat the drop. “It’s not me” he stated. “I have never had Castle Lager in my life. I am strictly a WKD Blue Light kind of guy. I don’t drink real alcohol any more after that night in The Bell on cricket tour – not even a drop.”

The report, as seen through Deeks's' eyes this morning

Furthermore, others have questioned the photos integrity. In what appears to be a stunt similar to the one where that bloke got himself into the Man United team photo in the Champions League, it is possible to work out on the front right the image of Tom Ferry apparently playing for and celebrating with the first XI, which is clearly impossible. It is assumed that Ferry watched the ongoing live text match report on Twitter via @Upswinger, saw that the win may be on the cards and as such donned his whites to sneak into the photo.

Full details of the match report can be found in the Henley Standard out today.


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  1. Posted by OffSideMaestro on August 13, 2010 at 8:48 am

    Already had calls from five Year 9s looking to join our successful youth initiative: any publicity is good publicity


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