The Day Of Reckoning



So. One game left. All to play for. A real Jeff Stelling moment in the offing. Phrases such as ‘dog fight’, ‘battle’, ‘must win’ and ‘avoid the drop’ are being banded around. Three things can send GCC down – apathy, the weather and Emmbrook & Bearwood (OK, maybe that’s four). Three things can keep us up – Spirit, Belief and Commitment. Securing these three positives will give us a win at Checkendon CC on Saturday 28th August 2010. Remember that date.

This Saturday, the Team lost. By just one run. Two short of a win. No individual lost it for us – and perhaps our Fight got it that close. There is a great spirit in the club that there has perhaps never been before. Even Offside Maestro Winkers is making himself available now that he has his 1,000 runs. And it’s things like that which have put  us so close to avoiding defeat – or winning the match – in a number of games this season. We’ve won some corkers too, not only through Commitment – but almost more importantly, through Spirit and Belief.

Believe it or not, we have players who don’t feel we have the aggression or fight as a team that they want to be involved with. I guess these players didn’t play against Shinfield or Ruislip Victoria, for example – so you wouldn’t have seen it – or even felt it. So it’s understandable. But speak to anyone that was involved.

Here is the maths, from Club Auditor, Jonny Russell;

Basically we need to win – A full 35 max points win and we will almost definitely survive. However, if we end up bowling first (and are limited to max 30 points), and we do the business, we have to hope that E&B defeat Fairly Ill.

Jonny, with the help of Jim Ross and Duncan Kent, has prepared “Russell’s Ready Reckoner” – a pull out guide to the What-Ifs surrounding this Saturday. Details below. If anyone understands it, let me know. If you don’t, call Jim or Duncan to walk you through it.

Goring CC – Last day of season scenario analysis.


I think we need to win.

 If Farley Hill and Emmbrook is a washout, Goring will finish below E&B, and only finish above Farley if 34 or 35 points achieved.

So, a difficult conundrum – do we go after the more challenging 35 point win or the safer 30 point win and rely on Emmbrook?

Most of this season, we felt we have been light on bowling. On Saturday, they turned up – and delivered. In other games, our batting has clearly been our strongest feature. This Saturday, we simply need both. We already have secured the services of media tart Chris Kamara, who will be reporting live with from the Emmbrook and Bearwood game for Soashe Sports News with ball-by-ball updates. Meanwhile, over on Twitter (@Upswinger) we will have the “as it stands” data being reported throughout the afternoon and on this website.

So, our final plea, make yourself available, whoever you are. Take a leaf out of the books of Winkers and Tom Ferry – stepping up to do their bit. And also, you have seven months to get over that injury. And also, Kidmore End can wait. And also, go and play elsewhere next year of you feel commitment is stronger at another club, but for one Saturday only – do your bit. There are a number of us who will make themselves available who will be happy NOT to play – realising that there are better players ahead of us. But we will still be there on Saturday. Think about it. You know exactly who you are. This is, quite clearly, The Ultimate Bloke Test.


Now Is The Time


And finally;

“In the words of Finch from American Pie 2, efforts must be doubled. It relies on results going our way, but without the win we don’t even have that. There are no second chances. This is do or die. People make themselves available or incur my wrath. Crunch time and deliver or crash out with a wimper. Let GCC members make their choice.” Will Smith, 23rd August 2010.


Get your availabilities to Toby, make a comment below and get yourself to Checkendon on Saturday… weather permitting. 



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