A Message From The President

Before the end of match calamities at Ruislip Victoria last Saturday, I was chatting to Steve Purnell, our estimable scorer and Goring Football Club rock. I asked him how the football club were looking this season. He replied that training was going well and the first team are in division 1 which, he said, is a good thing as it is the right division for them.

So, what is the correct division for the cricket team? Some members say we should always strive to play the highest standard we can, others are of the opinion that should we go down to the 2nd division it might be better for the club as we will have a season littered with victories and will be in a promotion battle this time next year breeding positivity, higher averages with bat and ball and set us up for a successful 2012 season back in division 1. See Stratfield Turgis this season for that example. 

These are opinions and everybody has one. The one thing that remains in all eventualities is the effort that has been put into GCC throughout 2010. This effort was borne of the will to send a message to the members that GCC wants to provide everything it can to them to ensure support and their happiness within the club. The philosophy is progressive and positive and must remain whatever the eventuality.

I happened across a Checkendon player at Gatwick last week who told me that the relegation battle is considered by them to be very much in Goring’s hands. He commented on the changes at GCC and the good spirit within the team which had been noticed and commented on by other clubs. This shows that momentum for us is heading in the right direction. 

Having played at Ruislip Victoria and Shinfield I can’t see that we could be involved in more competitive cricket right now, given our position, and that every member of the GCC team was electrified by the excitement of these two matches and wanted to win. Amazingly enough, given good weather, the battle to avoid relegation is still completely in Goring’s hands. Farley Hill and Embrook will understand this as well and they will be looking to our result more than their own. So, if you want competitive cricket and you want the fight and the chance to play ruthless cricket to win maximum points then you are not at the wrong club right now, you are at the right one. Jonny Russell’s spreadsheet tells us clearly that a big win will save us from relegation. We had victory taken from us last week by a club hungry for promotion. They did not want victory more than us. If you are of the opinion that relegation means promotion next year then you are of the opinion that GCC should be in division 1, just as much as those who believe relegation would be disastrous. So this Saturday go to Checkendon and nail them to the sightscreens. Show them why they are bottom of the division and why GCC deserve to stay up. All the best players at GCC talk of looking elsewhere for more competitive cricket at times like this, always have, always will. Look instead at what GCC is doing as a whole and show the team your fighting spirit for the future. Finish the game off ruthlessly and bully Checkendon into snivelling submission, then tell me you are looking elsewhere. You want the fight? Well here it is. Are you up to it?

Jim Ross

GCC President


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