Selection 28/29/30 August

Selection for this weeks games has been made as follows:

Saturday 28th August: 1st XI AWAY to Checkendon CC, 1.00pm Start.  Please Meet Goring Social Club 12.00pm

  1. A Ankerson
  2. T Deeks
  3. M Dickinson
  4. T Hedge
  5. C Lewis +
  6. J Russell
  7. P Slade
  8. W Smith
  9. J Vickery
  10. J Westcar *
  11. S Wincott
  • T Tomlinson (Umpire)
  • S Purnell (Scorer)

As this is the final league game, beside from the importance of the result, it would be good to see all players join Checkendon for some beers at The Black Horse after the game.

Sunday 29th August: Sunday XI AWAY to Pangbourne CC, 2.00pm Start.  Please Meet Goring Social Club 1.15pm

  1. R Averill
  2. W Brownlee
  3. S Butterfield
  4. M Deeks
  5. T Hedge *
  6. A MgGee
  7. D Norman
  8. S Wincott
  9. A Withers
  10. TBC
  11. TBC

Monday 30th August:  Goring-on-Thames Cricket Club ‘v’ Goring United Football Club (The Figgy Robertson Memorial Trophy), 2.00pm Start.  Please Meet Ground 1.30pm

  1. K Barton
  2. M Deeks
  3. T Ferry
  4. T Hedge
  5. A MgGee
  6. D Norman
  7. M Norman
  8. T Tomlinson *
  9. S Wincott
  10. A Withers
  11. TBC

If you have any queries, please contact your Captain or Toby asap.

Watch live video from upswinger on


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’m confused, is this the England team for the Ashes series?


  2. Posted by Jonny on August 26, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    No Jamie, the England team has batting line up issues and question marks over a number of players.

    The Goring team has 10 (TEN) batsmen and 5 front line bowlers (plus 2 wicketkeepers).

    No excuses guys – time to deliver!!!


  3. Posted by Jim President on August 26, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    Wow, what a line up! Sorry not to be there but have a great game and a great result and enjoy every minute of it lads. Look forward to updates.


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