Saturday’s Front Pages

Souvenir Edition

And a comment from Tha Soashe’s Editor-In-Chief, Judge Stephen Wincott, on batting:

“When chasing down a total, your sole thought should be getting the winning runs. If you are still at the crease when those runs are scored, you have delivered. Anything else (whether 10, 20 or 100 out) and you have let your team down. We all need to take responsibility for scoring those runs …. not doing half a job. Three weeks ago Shinhole lost 7 top wickets for 15 – an innings can subside in a moment. Last week we did not deliver. We let each other down. This week we have to deliver.”


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  1. […] Back to this Saturday. We have perhaps a major “first” for the Berkshire League – a Tweet Up. For one day only, follow Checkendon so you will be able to “watch” the game on Twitter @upswinger vs. @CheckendonCC to give you a perhaps more balanced match day live update feed! We’ll post the War of Words as a match report. GCC Tweeters – mount up…Alternatively, get the the game itself. We are unbeaten. And remember, it’s not about who wants it….it’s about Who Wants It More. Remember this too? […]


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