“How Out – c. Ferry”

It would stand to reason, following the law of averages, that if you play more matches you will;

  • a) score more runs
  • b) get more wickets
  • c) take more catches than people who play fewer.

This point is proved by the careers of Crawford, Wincott and Hedge, who have wrapped up more games than Waddingtons.

However, as always there is an anomaly… Tom Ferry.

From 126 recorded matches (in the eBible that is the Play-Cricket database) he has pouched a phenomenal seven (7), thats right, 7 catches! This means he holds the staggering average of 0.055 catches/match. This means Tom averages 1 catch every 18 matches.

Wikipedia states ‘A blue moon can refer to the third full moon in a season with four full moons, or the second full moon of a calendar month’; assuming Tom played 1 Saturday and both Sundays in every 2 weeks, this would mean Tom takes a catch once every 12 weeks. Hence, Tom takes a catch once in every three blue moons.

(Note: Blue Moon occurrence will appear in next seasons fixture card against the relevant games so we know to select Tom when the third one is forecast).

In comparison stand Crawford (89 @ 0.39/match), Wincott (70 @0.27/match) and Hedge (48 @ 0.26/match).

… Also worth noting is Tom averages 1.18 runs/match. Therefore, in any given match Tom is 21.3 times more likely to score a run than take a catch!

[Editor: The author of this post wanted to remain anonymous, but his initials are “Alex Crawford”]

Further Comment:

If “catches win matches“, then it would be interesting to see the ‘game win rate’ on the Play Cricket site surely of the four individuals mentioned here – that would clearly solve the mystery after all?

More Comment:

This does, however, indicate that there are seven inviduals that wear the t-shirt “I was caught out by Tom Ferry”….or used to wear the t-shirt, in the case of these five players that were caught by Tom and photographed recently:

Five of the seven batsmen caught by T Ferry.

Extra Comment:

One wonders if there are any other phrases that can be proven using GCC cricket stats? Prolly not.




4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by 7 more than expected on September 2, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    I am just unfortunate that the ball rarely seems to come to me as a chance (i.e. I go for it).

    There are obviously 7 “bowlers” out there that owe me a drink (unfortunately I can only recall Pratley, Balkinshaw and Vickery).

    Is the assumption that we have only won seven of the games I have played in?


  2. Posted by 7 more than expected on September 2, 2010 at 6:39 pm


    Best ever game…

    Devon Tour

    Stephen Wincott LBW b Rowan Lincoln Gordon 14 0 0 0
    Jonny Russell ct Rodney Davies b Tom Ferry (Goring) 43 0 0 0
    Will Balakrishnan ct Alan Jacobs b Tom Ferry (Goring) 5 0 0 0
    Toby Tomlinson b Luke Woodman 26 0 0 0
    Matthew Armitage * b Tom Ferry (Goring) 1 0 0 0
    Chris Lewis + ct Tris Lincoln Gordon b Alan Jacobs 36 0 0 0
    David Roberts Not Out 14 0 0 0
    Tim Deeks b Alan Jacobs 5 0 0 0
    Alex Crawford Not Out 7 0 0 0
    Tom Hedge Did Not Bat
    Pete Slade Did Not Bat
    Extras ( 15b 9w 6nb ) 30
    Total (7 wickets dec, 34 overs) 181

    Taken off to make a game of it after ripping through the top order with the bunny gun!


  3. Posted by 7 more than expected on September 2, 2010 at 6:40 pm


    That was a bite!


  4. Posted by Off Side Maestro on September 3, 2010 at 8:54 am

    Actually that was 3 bites


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