GCC 2011 “Naked WAGs” Calendar Now Available For Download

“Fit In Your Kit” has really taken hold, but switched now to “Fit Not In Your Kit”! I am amazed at how many people have freely offered to pose for the 2011 GCC Naked WAGs calendar – which you can download via the link below. I have added a few pictures in this blog post so you can see the general idea.

Without doubt those pictures taken in and around the pavilion and sight screens really come across well. Arty, not smutty – so thanks again to everyone for being “game” and taking part. Just a bit of fun, but shows that even players wives and girlfriends are taking on board the “Cricket First” ideals.

Hopefully, after two brief paragraphs, that little bit of text you get in your “Alert” emails saying a new post has been posted will have ended before this paragraph starts. I had a goal of getting 15,000 website hits by the middle of September, I am 250 short right now. As such, I wondered what might get the most instant hits – even if this paragraph does get in your emails, you may not read this far down before clicking on the link? And, I know who you are….

Just to make sure, I need to add some terms that Google may well find and we may get some more visitors to reach my goal by the end of today. The next paragraph is meant to catch those, please ignore;

George Michael’s prison cell mate, The Popemobile, Somerset snatch defeat, Somerset champions, more allegations against Pakistan cricketers, Will Avram Grant stay, Rooney exclusive prostitute pictures, Battle of Britain, Cheryl Cole naked, Doug Sarney, Bloodgate the truth, ColaBoy69, Gavin Henson selling out, Ricky Hatton free cocaine video download mp4, Wokingham Chestnuts, Goring & Streatley Quiz Challenge answers, free ipod, Justin Beiber, Sarsons vinegar, feeders, Mark Hooson whereabouts.

Now, hopefully this will get me to my target. See you all at the Quiz in the Village Hall on Friday night.

Apologies if you feel cheated now visiting this site – but keep an eye on the hits section over on the right. For those that are still upset, perhaps I can cheer you up with a picture of @ColaBoy69?


Our 5,000th Visitor


4 responses to this post.

  1. 12:05 – 14,759 hits


  2. 12:25 – 14,788 hits


  3. 13:05 – 14,796 hits. That’s 37 hits/hour. As such, somwhere around 17:39 we should hit the 15,000 mark. NOTE: if you visit the site and see it says “14,999” – that means it is YOU that was the 15,000th visitor – please let me know (my hits don’t count).


  4. 14:05 – 14,812 and we’ve slowed up. Revised ETA 19:47.


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