Dinner Time…

With the Chilean miners coming above ground sooner than the originally predicted  Christmas timeline, it can only mean one thing – the number of people that can by tickets for the GCC Annual Awards, Dinner & Dance just increased by 7 people….8, people…..9….

With well over a month to go, we have already sold over 20 tickets from the allocation of 70. Goring’s baby-sitting business is set to boom for one night only. This is our big club event of the year – it will include this season’s awards being handed out, a brief 60 minute speech from El Presidente, Jim Ross plus match-fixer Jonny Russell air-guitaring to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”… it’s about the players – and everything we have done this year to become a better club. You have to be there. There may even be some girls, so we have ordered a bottle or two of pink wine for them (and for Toby and me).

In addition to the GCC Awards for batsman, bowler, Sunday player etc. we will also have the Upswinger! Awards too – more affectionately known as “The Colins” – papier mâché statuettes of the great man made from some old, damp magazines. On the night, the results of Final of the GCC Bloke Test will be announced where either Will “The Beast” Smith or Pete “The Maestro” Slade will be crowned GCC Bloke of the Year 2010 with a beautiful tiara and a pink sash. The “Best Individual Bloke Test Answer” award will also be given out, and amongst other items, we will also announce the winners of Norman vs. Deeks vs. Lewis vs. Everett vs. Miliband. @ColaBoy69 and The Yellow Bin have also confirmed their attendance.

Press "Reveal"

It’s the 19th November at the Beetle & Wedge in Moulsford – this year we have opted for “proper food that doesn’t give you the Eartha Kitts” – as it says on their website. Transport will be arranged via a Chuckle Bus to Goring and you can get tickets from Duncan Kent via email Duncan_Kent@sra.com, or by viewing his Ceefax page, 198. It’s only £25 – most of you probably still owe that through unpaid subs and match fees? Look forward to seeing you there Ollie Carrier.



More details to be posted here in the coming weeks. Get your tickets now!!!



One response to this post.

  1. Table for 10 please, by the door – names – Alex Vega, Carlos Barrios, Claudio Yanez, Samuel Avalos, Victor Segovia, Victor Zamora, Yonni Barrios, Carlos Bugueno, Dario Sergovia, Edison Pena.

    We won’t need the bus back as we will no doubt take the “tube”.


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