Random Stuff

Bloke Test:

Slade answers posted and The Beast will come out (so to speak) this Friday – from then, Judge Wincott will work on his review and scoring. The winner, GCC’s Ultimate Bloke, will be announce at the…

GCC Annual Dinner:

…folks – we need to get some more attendees! Bring along your friends and if you haven’t yet signed up to come – please do now. You know how much work goes into the club and this is a great way of showing your support by coming along on the night. Contact Duncan and see the tab at the top of this page for more details. Contact me if you want any songs on the playlist. Currently, Jonny Russell has submitted “Don’t Stop Me Now” – so we have that on repeat for 2 hours.

Fighting Talk:

We received some “banter” related to one of our U! Toob videos of the Best of Nets. It was posted by a gimp called “binlizard” and said;

“if this is the “best of”, i’d hate to see the worst. would love to come up against your team. you’re all a bunch of no hopers”

We have arranged an eFight with binlizard, and are looking for anyone who can beat up 12 year old boys that hide behind the internet pretending to be hard. Maestro, Beast – step up.

GCC One Autumn Schedule:

As the nights draw in we launch our new programming on our flagship channel GCC One. Look for listings here in the not-so-sure when future.


The irregular InDoor Cricket season has begun and you are welcome to contact Jonny Russell should you enjoy driving through wind, rain and leaves to some comprehensive school dusty sports hall to have cricket balls hit at you from 10 yards away. Alternatively, the X-Factor Results Show is on every Sunday night between now and Christmas. Vote Wagner/Wagbo (see below).

Boxing Day Footy:

Boxing Day is not so far off – as with every other year, 10 blokes who you done recognise and have actually never played cricket for GCC and Andy Ankerson will line up against the best the GUFC has to offer and Jon Williams. It’s always a feisty affair  – and is followed by the Xmas Jumper Parade in The Soashe with some horrendous whiskey based cocktail being passed round in the trophy and copious rounds of Shut The Box whilst watching West Ham get thrashed on the TV. Kick off from 10:30, three halves of ball chasing, “what could have been” comments and reliving Mickey’s G’s goal of the early 80s.

Jamie Vic’s Site Screens:

Dont for get to “check out” the links over here on the right somewhere for the best of the internet. All verified as not NSFW.

See you soon?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Off Side Maestro on November 1, 2010 at 9:51 am

    No way binlizard is 12 (nor a teacher for that matter) …… he knows how to spell “you’re”. He’s probably one of those 61-year old BO-stinking sweaty dog-groomers,


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