Take That You Match Fixers!!

Everything Changes

Goring CC will REMAIN in Division One of the ever-diminishing Berkshire Cricket League for the 2011 season – FACT. We had previously been informed that we had been relegated to Division Two to play the likes of West Cleeve CC, Lower South Stoke and Mongewell CC, Ipsden CC 3rd XI, The Vines Family Ladies XI and the Australian national side. But no – all that is set to change…


Whilst the final day was one full of drama, joy and despair, many of us had hoped and prayed for this eventuality to become true. All it took was a few teams dropping out of the league for us to remain where we belong. Whilst we had to wait a month or two for this incredible league U-turn we all knew that we deserved to stay where we were.


The last game saw GCC shine in terms of both cricketing ability and team spirit to absolutely massacre Checkendown to gain the most points we could in order to stave off relegation. The spirit (“wwoooooo”) in the club was incredible and came to a head on that final day.

Never Forget

We will always remember those ridiculous catches by Andy Ank and Jonny Russell – and the pace with which Jamie Vic bowled when he came on to replace Deeks. And Mark Dickinson’s six off the first ball – and the amount of F’s he threw into the virtual yellow bin in the Checkdown CC changing rooms? Those boys took one hell of a beating.

Back For Good

Skipper Jonny Westcar was delighted to hear the news. “Right” he said “more GCC branded clothing is in order I think”, continuing, “here we can now begin to build on last season – we will play at the same level and know what it takes to stay up – we cannot even consider getting relegated ever again. That’s one of my promises for the coming season.”

Greatest Day

President Jim Ro’ss was clearly delighted, proclaiming via, as he put it, “an electric letter writing system you get on a TV/typewriter thing”;

“Break open the champagne!! All that effort and at last some justice. This is fantastic news. Next season GGC’s standing as the best club in town (sic) can really be established without worrying about securing promotion and playing joke teams without umpires etc!! Greatest news for ages!“

Rule The World

Club Chairman, Toby Tomlinson, broke the news to the GCC players with a brief but joy bringing email explaining then facts, but found it hard t hold back when contacted by Upswinger for a comment “This is it! Bring it on – we can beat them all (assuming they play at the University). GCC will now continue to go from strength to strength. Emmbrook and Bareback, Charley Farley Hill, Ipis, Shinhole – even Ruislip and Harlington – we are coming back – the world is our Oyster card.”

It Only Takes a Minute

Occasional groundsman and Goring Station Master of the Year 2010, Colin Jeffries, was unavailable for comment but was said to be out and about in Reading “celebrating”.


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  1. Posted by The Dark Knight on November 5, 2010 at 11:15 pm

    Surely you mean the 2011 season?


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