…And In Other News…

Alex Crawford is getting a little cocky after one day of the Ashes. Make sure you remind him;

a) …it’s a Marathon, not a Snickers.

b) …when we are on top.

c) …that whilst he is commentating on the number of people that appear to have South African accents in our team, remind him where Australians came from. I don’t see any Native Australians right now in his team.


Twitter users – follow @junior_pro – AKA Jamie Hunt – ex Goring legend currently commentating in Brisbane. Far better than Ben Dirs etc.


As seen on Twitter – GCC won The Goring Twinning quiz night for the 2nd year running – this time without teh help of some well known search engines. “Team Crikipedia” (c) was made up and me, Tobes, Splodge, Tiny Winky (@Lost_Consonants), Tony Splodges and Paul Miller.


UPSWINGER ONLINE STORE – Is all set up (no, really it is!!!) and will be open for business very soon. Order and pay online for your favourite GCC shirts by fashion designers “Upswinger of Goring”. Looking for new shirt designers and ideas people. Let me know.


Search Terms That Have Been Used This Week To End Up At This Website:

(I promise this is All True)

upswinger 7
george michael arrest 4
bull fighters’ pants 2
cricket kit models 2
newcastle agrics naked calendar 2
kitchener country needs you 2
george michael getting arrested 2
upswinger goring 1
pictures of george michaels parents 1
goring upswinger 1
a big deer 1
bull fighters killed 1
george michael stoned 1
andrew ankerson 1
lost consonants 1
will no one stop wagbo 1
christmas bull fighter 1
wagbo 1
snooker ball vw 1
big deer hit my cars 1
where is hitler’s testicle 1
deer mounts poses 1
hand+cricket 1
pictures just before you feel the pain goring

In order that we get some more hits, I have worked out that we need to predict future tabloid-worthy events. As such, some more random text:

Wagner sex tapes, Pietersen drunk photos, Kate Middleton nude, Justin Bieber miming, X-Factor fixed, Goring man jailed for copyright logo t-shirt business, Australia spot-fixing the truth


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