Upswinger Store – Open For Business!

Today we actually throw open our virtual doors to announce the opening of the Upswinger online store. The virtual tape-cutting was completed by El Presidente, Jim Ross, in a lavish ceremony in some chat room that he landed in by accident.

We have limited, at this time, the number of designs available to manage the huge demand anticipated. With a month to go before Christmas you can be sure that we will be inundated with perhaps 10’s of requests for shirts. 

The initial four designs in the store are available in S, M, L, XL and SW sizes. All designs are created by local fashion house “Upswinger of Goring”. The shirts themselves are made in a sweatshop staffed by pre-teen scallies in the suburbs of Liverpool under the guidance of a little-known clothing magnate with whom a superb deal has been secured. Well, superb for him at least. In return for the online spending of your unsubmitted match fees you will receive high-quality printed shirts delivered straight to you door.

Click here to visit the Store

Note: profits will go towards funding an Everton season ticket from the manufactoring side – any other profits will be fed right back into the Club. (Social Club, that is).

Note 2: You really can buy shirts from here!! It’s mad!


Big thanks to Jamie Vic, Greg Galbraith and Team Synergy for making this happen.


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  1. There are some real bargains there. The family are going to love these this Christmas.


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