IDC Game Week 3

InDoor Cricket League – Gameweek 3 Review

We thought that the first four matches provided all the tension and excitement that you could imagine. Gameweek 3 looked to be following a much more serene and controlled path. However, as indoor skipper Jonny Russell explains, Gameweek 3 was another cracker:

Match 1 – Goring won by 5 wickets

Kidmore End – 81-4 (12.0 overs)

Goring – 85-1 (7.5 overs)

Kidmore End were tardy and a man short (it makes you wonder why Crawford chooses to play for them?!) and Goring were not in the mood to suffer fools gladly. A professional and disciplined display from all four bowlers and a lively fielding exhibition kept Kidmore in check throughout their 12 overs. 81 is significantly below par for the indoor league and despite some dubious running (including a full length dive from the skipper), Goring eased home with more than 4 overs to spare.

Match 2 – Match Tied

Holyport – 112 -5 (12.0 overs)

Goring – 112-3 (12.0 overs)

The scoreline does not tell the full story! Goring flew out the box with a run-out and a smart catch from Russell behind the stumps to put Holyport on the ropes at 9-2. However, Holyport showed their Premier division experience by building a good score. Splodge showed class on his season debut and as normal Hedgey veered from the sublime to the ridiculous on a ball-by-ball basis. Holyport finished on 112 which left the game very finely balanced. In reply Goring stayed close to the required run rate with the top 3 of Russell, Miles and Gordon all scoring 25 + and retiring. This left the G’s with 16 to win off 2 overs and all 6 wickets in hand. Wincott powered on and despite running out Hedgey, a huge 6 off the first ball of the last over left Goring needed just one run to win off 4 balls with 5 wickets in hand.

In the worldwide history of indoor cricket no team has ever failed to win from such a commanding position. But this Goring team is specialising in last ball excitement and a last ball was what we got once again. 2 dot balls punctuated by the dismissal of Wincott, left Kaz to hit the winning run off the last ball. A simple task of finding the side wall, which he did only to over egg it and rebound it right back to the shocked bowler. No-one could believe that Goring had turned certain victory into a tie. Never before has an unbeaten evening felt so painful.

Quickfire awards

Innings of the evening – Stefan Gordon

With Goring behind the run rate in the second match, Stefan came in and with some awesome power hitting in lightning time, he put the G-Ring in complete control (or so we thought).

Mike Hussey award – Jonny Russell

After innings of 2,3,3 and 4, the skipper was under significant pressure from the media. Knowing that only a lack of players and picking the team himself was keeping him in the team it was time to deliver. And deliver he did – two unbeaten innings of 18 not out and 26 not out (admittedly with some pretty scratchy play at times) showed that Russell is back and silenced the critics.

Mincer of the day – Will Smith

Mr.Commitment, Will Smith, pulled out on the morning of the game. He claims to have fallen down the stairs at the Emirates and woken up with back spasms. Maybe Upswinger should contact Arsenal to get hold of the CCTV.

Chokers of the day – Steve Wincott and Kaz Miles

Both faced two balls each to get the single run to win the match. All they had to do was nurdle the ball against the wall, or even just let it hit them and scamper through for a run. It seemed inconceivable to fail to win from that position.

Russell’s round-up

We are incredibly competitive this year and with 3 wins and a tie we are already ahead of our points scored in all 8 weeks in 2009/10. But delight is tinged in frustration as we could easily be sitting top of the table with 5 wins out of 6. The Holyport tie brought back painful memories of devastating last-minute capitulations in the summer against the Turds and Ruislip. We don’t make it easy for ourselves, but maybe that is why it is so entertaining!

Next Match

SUNDAY 19th December – A pre Christmas treat with games against Mortimer West End and Ibis. Mulled wine in between overs.


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