Upswinger! In Unique Sponsorship Deal

At a lavish ceremony in Goring’s up-market “East Village” quarter, Upswinger! has unveiled a new nine month sponsorship deal with GCC Star Wicketkeeper/Batsman Chris Lewis’ cricket box.

The Upswinger sponsorship agreement runs from 1 January 2011, covering the time period of indoor nets through to the rained-off Sunday game at Greys Green in September. The agreement will manifest itself by Lewis’ cricket box being emblazoned with the Upswinger! logo and entire website address – Lewis’s being the only box in the club believed to be big enough to fit all these details on.

“This announcement represents a major landmark not only for Upswinger and Lewis but for the game in Goring in general.” said Club Chairman Toby Tomlinson. “We fully expect other local low-brow, complained about websites and businesses to come forward to sponsor other items of kit of GCC players”.

He added: “Through a difficult economic climate, we have concluded a deal of minimal value to all parties involved. All money raised apparently come from the 21p profit raised from each t-shirt [and now “Run GCC” aprons, it seems] sold via the Upswinger website”.

Lewis was asked directly how he expected to spend the 42p earned in the deal. “Who knows? The Skipper says I should put it towards buying a watch or a Sat Nav – or both. Not sure what he means by that…”

Note: Upswinger’s store site, “gBay”, was recently featured on GCC One’s “Dragon’s Den” show. Highlights in the form of a trancsript will be posted here soon.


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