IDC Gameweek 4 Review

The original Gameweek 4 fell victim to the snow just before Christmas, so the team were raring to go in the first matches of the New Year.

Once again, it proved to be a sensational evening and one which resulted in Goring entering the record books:

Match 1 – Match Tied

Crown Wood – 88-4 (12.0 overs)

Goring – 88 all out (11.0 overs)

For the first time in the history of International indoor cricket, a team has tied two matches in a row. It seems that only one team has the ability to snatch a tie from the jaws of certain victory and that is Goring.

After a disciplined bowling display , Goring restricted Crown Wood to a below par score of 88. Initial confidence was dented as Carrier and Russell went cheaply, but the middle order recovered the situation and the G-ring were sitting pretty at 69-2 with plenty of overs left. Cue a typical collapse to 73-5 and we were surely destined for defeat with no-one but tail-ender Hedge left. Young Tom initially demonstrated a foolhardy approach to getting the runs, but after several horse tranquilisers were applied he began to build a controlled and potentially match-winning innings by gently knocking singles against the wall. We thought we had won once the scores were tied, but our elation turned to despair as Hedgey chipped the 12 year-old spinner to mid-wicket with an over to spare.


Match 2 – Lost to Burnham by 20 runs

Burnham – 120-5 (12.0 overs)

Goring – 100-5 (12.0 overs)

Burnham are a quality outfit, playing in a much higher outdoor league than Goring and a line up full of pacey left-handed bowlers and aggressive batsmen. However, we exploited their indoor inexperience in Gameweek 1 in securing our first victory of the season. It looked like this game was going the same way as we tore through their batting line-up with some excellent bowling and fielding to leave them reeling on 50-5 at the half-way stage. But we could not make the final breakthrough, and to be fair to their batsmen not a single chance was given. With the help of the top scoring extras (50) Burnham reached a very good score of 120.

We never looked like reaching it and struggled to put away the fast but accurate bowling. Despite a late charge and valiant effort we were well beaten.


Quickfire awards

Disappointment award – Tom Hedge

Hedgey had glory in his grasp. He was about to sweep up performance of the year, with his most outstanding bowling display of the season, supported by an excellent last man effort to bring us home to victory against Crown Wood. But when all he had to do was nurdle the ball against the wall he foolishly played an extravagant shot to get out. Tom’s explanation – “I didn’t think” – you don’t say! Memories of the West Ruislip debacle came flooding back…..

Innings of the day – Extras

Extras scored an indoor fifty in Match 2. If we learn not to concede so many we will be unbeatable.

Simon Jones award – Jonny Russell

Diving on your knees and sliding around the hall like a loon is not a sensible idea, particularly with an important summer pre-season round the corner.

Heffa of the day – Will Smith

Despite finishing cricket at 9.30pm, Will headed off home to devour an extra large roast dinner as the clock approached midnight.


Russell’s round-up

2011 has already provided similar levels of excitement to 2010. Our record stands at won 3, lost 3 and tied 2, so we are very competitively placed in the league. Again an evening when with a bit of luck / extra composure we could have come away with two victories, but an extremely entertaining evening nonetheless.


Next Match:

SUNDAY 13th February – A pre-Valentines treat for the ladies, as their bloke goes and runs around like loon, they will relax in the bath and dream of the treats that Valentines Day will bring. I will be romancing my lovely lady in a secret location so a stand-in skipper will be needed!


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