Upswinger Hits Total Hits 20,000….erm…Hits

Sometime between midnight and 6:30 am this morning (Sunday) we got our landmark 20,000 hits at Early reports saw Winkers heading home from the Soashe at 10:30 to log on to capture the elusive hit live – or indeed log it himself. It is also suspected that the lucky web surfer may well have come from the East – Malaysia or perhaps Bangladesh.

Former GCC left-handed number 3 Goweralike and current Sky Sports Cricket boom operator, Jamie Hunt, is now believed to be the culprit being the only one likely to be awake at that time, as he covers the ICC World Cup for Sky. You can (and should) follow Jamie on Twitter via @junior_pro and read his postcards here . And here’s a screen shot;

It's a tough job...

Below is the epic 20,000 moment captured at Upswinger Towers this morning.


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