Monkey Survey (Religion : “Jedi”)

Smith was not impressed with his new civil service "State Of The Ark" laptop

In advance of the 2011 UK Census, and in an effort to do things before anyone else does, we have developed a survey for you to complete. You should have received this via email from Toby, but if not, please contact him directly via email and he will send round the Survey Monkey link for you to complete.

If you did receive it, but have not yet had the chance to complete it – please do so as soon as possible!! As Will Balakrishnan once quite rightly stated “Feedback Is The Breakfast Of Champions”.

Available in Smwall, Mwedium and Lwarge

Results in so far have brought up four or five key areas to address that will help shape the club for the future. Some great comments have also been provided via the anonymous questionnaire, with a number of new ideas for implementation at GCC, including the one that ends “In Fact, I am Tom Hedge”.


Oh, and get onto Facebook an “Fan Up” to /Upswinger.

See you on the 18th….


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