Our Man in Chennai

Former Goring CC stalwart and self-confessed “Friend of Upswinger”, Jamie Hunt, works at Sky Sports and is currently covering the Cricket World Cup on the sub-continent. Between Cobra hangovers, he finds time to dictate his “Postcard” series to Mike Atherton. I am sure it is only a matter of time before he slips the phrase “Upswinger” into one of his reports…

Jamie (left) & Team prepare for an "exclusive" interview with the England Team Coach

Anyway, here’s an extract from the latest post regarding England’s predicament and performance to date. A link to the full article is provided at the bottom:

“We sat in amongst the crowd for the final five or six overs, waiting to interview England and Bangladeshi fans on their respective performances and hopes for the tournament. It wasn’t the first time that I had prepared the wrong questions.

Grown men cried, they shrieked and screamed their elation and they then partied hard and late into the night. The English fans present shook hands gracefully with their Bangladeshi counterparts and told us that you couldn’t be disappointed when you saw how much it meant to the people.

As if any other indication of how much this meant were needed, you need only look outside the stadium moments after the game. The road outside was crowded with tens of thousands of celebrating fans. Think Wembley Way Chittagong-style. For people who have so little, the success of their cricket team means so much, and they aren’t afraid to show it.”



Follow Jamie on Twitter @Junior_Pro for live match updates if you can’t afford Sky or are “not allowed it”.



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