“No Money for Old Rope”

Wanted. For free.

We have a wish list. We need to get your brains working on ideas, lateral thinking etc. We need:

1. Club Photographer

Someone with something a little more than an iPhone or “Kodak HandySnap” – i.e. a zoom lens I guess and can take a few action shots and manage their way around a Flickr site.

2. Tea Girl/Boy/Mum/Gran

Ideally we want someone who really wants to do this! Not specifically as a lucrative career (although we do pay cold cash). There must be a cake maker who just loves cricket who would come along for home games? In an ideal world we would do cups of tea all afternoon for supporters.

3a. Boundary Rope

Think sideways here – we don’t want to pay for it – it does not need to be strong – and don’t just say “have you tried a shipyard?”. For those unaware we are a few miles from Sunderland, and Hobbs has been closed for 20+ years (or just inactive). So – go and LOOK – don’t just add comments. And we don’t want that dayglo blue dental floss stuff either – 2.5cms width would be ideal (please add a comment if you know the circumference of the/a pitch). What we need is someone to raise their hand and say “yes, Upswinger, I have no idea where we will find this but I will donate my own time helping you out.”. How about we get four pieces of 50m each? Then we don’t need 3 b)? We just pull it in by hand. Or 20 bits of 10m each – and we twine 5 bits together? Come on GCC – do some thinking. Ask around. How about “Money For Old Rope” – charge the Goring public £1 a metre to sponsor the boundary rope – only need “some” (insert # metres here) people to sign up? Must be self-funding.


3b. Boundary Rope Winder-up-erer

There is no way we can pull this in by hand so we need a magic-windy-thing – unless you know how to make one? Think, people, think. Thick rope = big winder. That’s not so good for storage.

4. Other points – not so high on the agenda, but an absolute goal this year is to:

a) Fix the clock

b) Fix the water fountain

c) Get baby-changing facilities in the pavilion

These are Parish Council “things” – so we need to do a demo or something. Ideas welcome. Goring Parish Council is great. Who wants to speak to them?

Lots more jobs and ideas to come along too – but let’s start thinking on these. Add your comments below…or email andy@upswinger.com


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