“Fix The Pavilion Clock” : DONE.

An eagle-eyed WAG yesterday spotted two men in overalls at the GCG, who weren’t either shifting our resident pavilion tramp or climbing out of an air ambulance. They were indeed on the pavilion roof as the picture on Twitter (@upswinger) showed yesterday. A quick drive-by this morning took place to make sure the lead roof tiles were still in place and a stunned Upswinger reporter also noted that the pavilion clock has indeed been fixed as this photographic evidence proves.  Unless, of course, by coincidence our reporter was there at precisely the time the clock stopped previously.

Post Sky Sports, Keys took a job at internet giant, Upswinger.

It is an historic moment. It can only mean that the baby-changing facilities and water fountain-fixing can only be a matter of years away now for sure. We will then push for a plaque on the “Legends Bench” at the top end of the pitch. A Sky TV feature must just be months away….A big thank you to the Secret Horologist or Goring Parish Council, whomever it may be. Celebrations will be held tonight at Tha Soashe after the AGM, which by the way, will start at 8pm prompt – we hope to see you there. It’s going to be a busy night, with what is likely to be our highest ever AGM turnout since the money laundering scandal in the 1980’s. We have restructured the agenda to create a brand new approach – and promise not to spend 40 minutes discussing why the cost of cutting the grass has increased by 2.3% on previous years. We will also present the results and some conclusions from “The Great Goring Cricket Club Survey” and importanty, The Chairman’s Vision.

It’s a social event too – we will finish promptly at 10pm, at which time our exciting new Club sponsor shall be revealed. We will then continue discussions throughout the remainder of the evening.


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