“Purple and Orange”

Crawford continued to “grow” as a player at Kidmore End CC

So, here’s another challenge for us all

to work on. Remember – we need to be cash neutral here – so work smart…

I think we need a maroon blazer for the Captain to wear to the crease for the toss. Note: MAROON, and not as Pete “Le Maestro” Slade, (who, incidently, was spotted at nets this week) said, “Do you want it in Purple and Orange like the club colours?” when discussing our GCC/Upswinger.com branded cricket stumps (oh yes…).

Everything is Image” as ex Club President Jim Ross once said. So….Charity Shop? Reading bus driver jacket theft? Keep your eyes peeled as you trawl through the jumble sales on upcoming Saturdays. Or eBay? Any schools locally where we can “De-bag” or perform an “Atomic-Wedgey” on someone for their jacket? So long as it fits some thirtysomething men who have let themselves go over the winter? (In fact, to me, it was a ”Groucher” – well, not TO me – it was Mickey G that got them most of the time – please add comments with regional terms for a Wedgey). OR – we ask the Pavilion Vagrant (who has now decided to take dumps on the pavilion frontage…and you think I am joking) where he sources his leisure wear. A pink blazer for Jonny Russell would be great too. Finally, as you are out looking to buy kit for this year – remember our club colours (kit bag, helmet, bat grips, boots, trakkie bottoms, box etc).

Note: The views of this website are not those of Goring Cricket Club, especially the “Atomic-Wedgey” bit.


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