Goring Ultras Secure “Cricket A.M.” TV Slot!!!

Apply here...


Oh bloody YES!!! Some of you may have worked out what was going on before (in fact some of you knew and others guessed), but it’s true – the new GCC T20 team, The Ultras, who haven’t even played a match, have secured a slot on Sky TV’s flag ship Saturday morning cricket-based laugh-along – Cricket AM! It’s too bloody exciting…

The show, hosted by some bloke and a fit woman, and whose format was so blatantly copied by rival, winter-based show “Soccer AM”, features a village cricket team each week sitting in a make shift pavilion with a big bat (not so funny, that bit) who clap inanely every time a third-rate, song-plugging pop-artiste (claiming at least to be able to spell ‘cricket’), a one-time great cricketing hero or even Dominic Cork enter the studio.

Harsh comments, true, for a club who will be gracing the TV show itself – but in fact – it’s this actual blimmin’ website and, all the…, and I quote from Ian Gabe (Assistant Producer) of the show, “wacky, madcap content you guys are serving up” <is he taking the p***?>.

In an oddly formal email, Mr. Gabe contacted play@upswinger.com and said “the concept of having a team on who have never played cricket under this name before just appealed to the producers here at the show. Plus, the introduction (or ‘forced selling’?!), by both Jamie’s, was clearly a factor too…”

So, seriously now, we can thank Jamie Vic from Outside Line PR (and GCC of course) and former GCC Legend-In-Waiting and Sky Sports Journo, Jamie Hunt (Twitter @Junior_Pro) for securing the place.

I (Andy here…) have had to keep this secret for a while whilst we fine-tuned stuff – but it has been so exciting getting to this point – thanks again to The Jamies for sorting it out!!!

Now the important bit, only seven of us can go – and it’s on the 7th May by the way. Three more people can attend to stand behind cameras and “cheer/heckle” they said. And we don’t know how to select you. We clearly need to come up with stupid nicknames (“we call Hedgey”) and we need at least one “Big Guy” and a good looking chap too (may have to import someone here) – plus we need to do that bowl-off thing in the car park as well (there’s me out of the running…).

Mr Gabe said we should “select on personality not ability, with one odd-ball included too” (you know who you are). We will have to wear the new pink shirts as well (Jonny R has them on order). As such, if anyone fancies coming along, we need you to “apply” – there is a form to complete from the production company about your previous history/background/pending lawsuits (honest…) that we can send out – and you have to say some comment about village cricket too – which we need to use as the selection criteria. So initially, just email cricketam@upswinger.com if you want to be considered, and answer the question “My Cricket is So Village because….” (no word limit). I think it fairest that The Jamies decide on who is ultimately chosen so they will get the responses sent on to them….Jonny Russell, as Skipper, is a shoe in.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jamie on April 1, 2011 at 3:33 am

    You all owe me miles of p*** next time I’m Alan Soashe.


  2. Posted by Jonny on April 1, 2011 at 7:15 am

    I’ll be first in line Jamie, you legend.


  3. Posted by Ultras Skip on April 1, 2011 at 9:27 am

    I have never been so excited – I always thought I had a face for media rather than for accounting.

    All bribes accepted (beer, curry and Irn Bru work best).


  4. We are over-subscribed already. 11 applicants (and now the email address is working – sorry about that). Jonny R has applied even though he has to be included anyway as Skipper. Bless.


  5. happy April Fools to you all…


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