“Cricket A.M.” Update and Other News…

This is The News…

Masooms Night

Don’t forget this Thursday night – club night and big cheque handover. Wear some form of GCC “leisure gear” too. Confirm via Toby@gardinersworld.co.uk

Masooms Going Forward

When ordering – ALWAYS – mention GCC!! We need to “Eat The Menu”…Also – when eating in, Facebook users, remember to “Check In” at the GCC table…

Easter Egg Hunt

Contact Jonny (play@upswinger.com) if you want to bring your children along. 11am Good Friday at the ground. Drinks/snacks.

Golf Day – AUGUST 5th

A date for your diary – Friday 5th August 2011 (“five-eight-eleven” – which interestingly has been my average batting order numbers over the last three seasons) at The Springs – book the afternoon off now – more details to come. Will feature “nearest the pin”, “longest drive”, “earliest pog-on” and “2nd worst golf trousers after Jim’s”. Start identifying your non-GCC partner now too…

“Cricket AM” Update

Seems most of you fell for it to some extent (cue “nah…not me!”) – Jim Ross was man enough to submit an actual application – we will publish that soon….

Ferry Liquid

100% winning record as skipper this season for Tom Ferry. Awesome. Still waiting on the Match Report…Unbeaten 50’s for Winkers and Simon Butterfield. A wonderful buffet was had by all.


First game very soon!! Goring Ultras Wed 27th against Cholsey “Bluebirds”.

Ultras Shirts

Order placed. A few name/shirt combos that we had hoped to see but did not. Steve Haines should have chose “57” and Matt and Donnie Norman should have selected “10” and “66” between them. Others??


ALL OF YOU – sign up to Twitter (it’s not for geeks) and follow @upswinger for live match day scores – plus details of live GCC cricket on TV this season. You can see the feed here on the right and on Facebook too.


Sign up to “Upswinger-GoringCricketClub” for even more GCC updates…

Website Hits

We are on fire! It has been my goal to overtake the hits of another local website – and we are within cloth-touching distance now! Trouble is – my own visits to upswinger.com are not counted but every time I visit this other site – their numbers go up by one!!! Cant tell you what site it is or you might visit it and their numbers will increase more.

Printed Media

We are now starting an effort to get coverage in local papers. Keep an eye out. Anyone fancy being a journalist? We are always looking for match report writers…apply to your Captain. STILL need someone who can work a camera for match day action shots.


We always need new players. What can you do to help? Call Chris Lewis, Alex Crawford etc. – let’s get them back – but also, bring friends along too. We need to grow the 18-30 group – those aged 18-30 are best at doing that. You know who you are.

Only available in Extra Medium

Online Store

Every shirt (or apron) that you see on the store IS actually for sale!! Other designs available on request.


Stumps & Banner

Initial prototypes of the GCC stumps have been sighted – and the final GCC/Masooms mega-banners have been printed! Shocking pink and 3m x 1m (banners, not stumps).


Golf Day

Did I mention the Golf Day ?

5 : 8 : 11


See you Thursday night.



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Sunday Skipper on April 19, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    Match report sent to Toby, Steve W and Jonny W for editing 18 April 2011 21:14:06.

    Season preview / statement sent to Toby for checking 10 April 2011 18:43:08

    I’m certain they will be available for general consumption (Not TB) shortly!


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